“Living with the Living Dead” Exhibition at MoMI | New to New York

STATEN ISLAND, NY — “It’s going to be pee pants town here pretty soon.” — Negan, The Walking Dead, Season 6: Last Day on Earth

the Moving Image Museum (MoMI) in Astoria, Queens, and AMC Networks are teaming up to create an exhibit highlighting the hit zombie TV show The Walking Dead approaching its final season.

The exhibition, “Living with the Living Dead” will take place from June 25 to January 1, 2023 on the MoMI third floor, which houses its rotating exhibits.

Featuring original costumes and props, concept art, storyboards, scripts and tons of prosthetic make-up material, the exhibit will “explore the cinematic and literary background of The Walking Deadincluding its origin in Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, and showcases the unique innovations the AMC Networks series has contributed to, with its expansive survival story, diverse cast of characters, and legion of devoted fans,” reported secret nyc.

When it first aired in October 2010, The Walking Deadhosted the launch of the #1 cable series of all time and remains the most-watched series in cable history.

“More than just a television show, it’s a cultural phenomenon that’s adored by legions of fans, who celebrate the innovative, engaging and immersive world its creators have built, and for its diverse cast of characters,” said said Carl Goodman, Executive Director of MoMI. “Exhibition will bleed from our gallery of temporary exhibitions to our theaters, classrooms and other public spaces.”

The exhibition will be accompanied by the Museum’s flagship screenings, as well as other thematic events to be announced. Tickets go on sale May 9. Stay up to date by visiting https://movingimage.us/event/living-with-the-walking-dead/

The March 20, 2022 episode of “The Walking Dead” is titled “Warlords.” (Josh Stringer/AMC)

James C. Tibbs