Lusanet Collective hosts its first art exhibition

Burbank, Calif. Lusanet Collectivean art and retail center founded by female artists, will host its first art exhibition Black and white with a touch of color July 16-26 to give back to the Burbank community ahead of the grand opening of Lusanet Collective. Located in downtown Burbank at 124 E. Olive Ave, award-winning artists, photographers, and painters will showcase their works at the “Art Center,” as founders Anet Abnous and Lusine Simonyan like to call their new collaboration.

Here are some of the artists featured at Black and white with a touch of color exposure.

Pat Hammerman has solo exhibitions at local and international galleries and museums such as Perception Gallery, Houston, TX; Queens Museum, NY and so many more. For more than 20 years, she was an art teacher at Queensborough Community College in New York.

Anahid Boghosian is an Angeleno native and Armenian-American multidisciplinary artist who focuses on the imperfections of humanity. His works are presented in galleries in Southern California.

Karen Schifman is an art historian, multimedia artist, writer and curator involved in research on women artists and the representation of women in visual culture for the past 15 years.

Liana Grigoryan is an award-winning fashion photographer in Los Angeles. Her photographs capture the essence of the ever-changing world of fashion through vibrant colors and unexpected designs.

About Lusanet:

Anet Abnous and Lusine Simonyan are small business owners, artists and women entrepreneurs from Iran and Armenia, who found their new home in Burbank years ago and have now decided to express their gratitude to the community that welcomed and nurtured them for years. A portion of proceeds from the art exhibit will go to the Burbank Art Association to support local artists.

“We like to call the Lusanet Collective ‘house’ for small businesses. We welcome artists, designers and artisans to join our collective and be part of a collaboration. We strongly believe in the power of community. This is one of the reasons why we open our doors to artists who organize a group art exhibition before our grand opening,” says Abnous.

Abnous is the founder of Anet’s collectiona company offering wearable art such as scarves, jewelry and leather goods reflecting his Armenian heritage and history with unique designs and patterns. Anet’s collection has a permanent home in over 12 stores and museum gift shops nationwide. Abnous inherited his passion from his father, a famous designer in Iran, Marcel Abnous. Abnous curated art exhibitions featuring women artists in New York City and was able to grow her business thanks to the grant received from the Tory Burch Foundation.

“We’re creating a collective where people can come and have all these resources available to them, which takes hard work and dedication, and we’ll empower them to do that,” Simonyan says.

Simonyan is the founder of Miray-Collections, an online platform working with local and international Armenian designers. His initiative helps small business owners find new markets and showcase their work professionally. Simonyan is also a curator at the Burbank Cultural Arts Commission. In 2021, she was the recipient of the 32nd annual Women Achievers Award.

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