MACAU DAILY TIMES 澳門每日時報 » Melco’s Splendors of China Program Promotes Patriotism Among Colleagues and the Community

SoC Passport holistic program courses taken by more than 80% of colleagues

Melco Resorts & Entertainment has prioritized national education and developed a wide range of programs with the aim of creating national pride.

Splendors of China is Melco’s nationalist learning program launched in 2016. It focuses on promoting China’s cultural heritage, economic policies, social systems and values ​​to colleagues and the wider community. The program offers a historical perspective on the wonders and growth of China, from its iconic and historic achievements to its modernization and path to becoming the world’s second largest economy. The program also helps generate a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and helps learners appreciate China’s achievements.

The Melco Splendors of China learning program is delivered in a systematic framework. The activities are based on four main categories, including China’s Passport Splendours program, youth and culture, national education forums and advanced studies. It provides in-depth knowledge of China by promoting Chinese cultural heritage, economic policies, social systems and values ​​while cultivating nationalism and patriotism.

The Melco Splendors of China Passport program was launched to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The program includes required courses on Chinese culture and history, including idioms. Electives include fine arts and cultural aspects of understanding China, including Chinese tea culture, nationalist exhibition tours, and Cantonese opera, to name a few. At the end of these activities, colleagues will be eligible to participate in a raffle for a paid trip to Guangdong province sponsored by the company to experience more red tourism.

In the six months since its launch, more than 80% of Melco’s management team and colleagues have completed the Splendors of China Passport program’s required courses, with online courses receiving more than 16,500 participations. In addition, nearly 7,000 colleagues actively participated in visits to nationalist exhibitions under the program.

To cultivate patriotism among the youth and the community, the SAR government set up a Youth Education Base, a key place for patriotic education at the Handover Gifts Museum in Macao in December 2020. In strict compliance with the government guidelines on epidemic prevention, Melco has organized for as many as 7,000 colleagues and their relatives and friends to visit the “Love for Motherland and Macau Youth Education Base” since its opening. . The event was warmly welcomed – helping visitors better understand Chinese history and culture to enhance national consciousness and patriotism.

In addition, encouraging colleagues to participate in Chinese cultural enrichment activities even during the epidemic, the virtual tour of the “Panoramic Palace Museum” program of the Splendors of China program allows colleagues to appreciate the magnificence of the furniture of the palaces, countless precious Chinese handicrafts and cultural relics. So far, the virtual tour has been followed by almost 8,000 participating colleagues.

In addition to hosting Melco’s Han Hero Chinese Knowledge Contest for Young People, Melco has also held the Han Hero Chinese Knowledge Contest for colleagues in recent months. Aimed at instilling patriotism and appreciation for mainland China by enhancing colleagues’ Chinese cultural knowledge, the event brought together employees from eight teams from different departments, with officiating guests including Mr. Yang Yi, Deputy Director of Economic Affairs Department of the Central People’s Government Liaison Office; Ms. Irene Lou, Representative of the Director of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs and Curator of the Macau Museum; Mr. Wong Kin Mou, Head of Department of Educational Research and Planning, Bureau of Education and Youth Development; and Ms. Chan Kuan Chong, President of the Macau Youth Education Promotion Association, welcomed by Melco’s Chief Advisor, Dr. Kent Wong.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Melco and the National Association of Conditional Education (Macau) co-hosted the second Melco Star Youth Talent Competition to promote greater appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture. and performing arts, especially among young people. The contest promotes patriotism and love of Macao and the motherland and helps local youth understand the milestones of the 100-year history of the Chinese Communist Party. The competition is open to pupils of large primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and art institutes. The students’ original Chinese performing arts projects included singing, dancing, musical instruments, bands, recitals, Cantonese opera, and martial arts. About 900 children and young artists from 55 schools and youth associations took part in the competition through more than 140 performances. The event was warmly welcomed by the students and the local community.

James C. Tibbs