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October 25, 2022 | Of City of New Orleans

New Orleans Tourism and Culture Fund Announces Library Partnership, Program Statistics and Series of Upcoming Elevations

NEW ORLEANS – Mayor LaToya Cantrell, on Wednesday, October 26, will join the New Orleans Tourism and Culture Fund (NOTCF) at the New Orleans Public Library (NOPL) to showcase a newly established partnership with NOPL. Updates on grants awarded to date and details of the next Elevation Series training will be provided to all business owners so they can participate before the end of the year.

NOTCF will partner with NOPL to introduce a newly formed collaboration. Five library locations, including the Main Library, Rosa F. Keller, Alger Regional, East New Orleans Regional and Nora Navra will be sites for interactive signage created to showcase NOTCF programs and resources. With NOPL’s offerings and its connection to the communities they serve, several critical opportunities are expected to arise from this partnership.

“As a public library, it is our duty to serve all residents and visitors with free access to the information and resources they need. We are thrilled to partner with NOTCF to help provide vital resources to carriers of New Orleans culture,” said Emily Painton, NOPL Executive Director and City Librarian.

The NOTCF will also provide quarterly updates on grants awarded, programs launched and partnerships established. Since the NOTCF’s inception, 552 grants totaling more than $5.5 million have been awarded.

“The historic reinvestment in local cultural industries and cultural artists is reaping dividends for our artists and strategically building creative infrastructure through technology – tech culture,” said Lisa D. Alexis, President and CEO of NOTCF.

This quarter, NOTCF reaffirmed its commitment to the economy by sponsoring the Fried Chicken Festival and the NOLA x NOLA music series. Developing new partnerships and cultivating existing ones strengthens the cultural economy of our City. One of NOTCF’s established partnerships with K. Allen Consulting has led to the creation of The Elevation Series, where culture carriers can gain the tools to advance their business through the workshops offered.

On Saturday, October 29, another free in-person workshop, Make your small business more accessible, will be offered to all businesses looking to rise in the new year. Participants will learn how to grow their business and improve the customer experience. This training will take place at the City Park Campus of Delgado Community College (615 City Park Ave.), from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Building 8. Registration is required. Those interested in registering for the workshop can register here.

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James C. Tibbs