Mencius’ mother may have to ‘move a fourth time’ ahead of music festival

A summer music festival is underway in Jinzhong city, Shanxi province in northern China, and the venue chosen was Mengmu Cultural Park, with the stage set up just below the statue from Mengmu. Photo: Bailu Video

Mencius’ mother is a very famous female figure in Chinese history, known as an exemplary mother for having moved three times for the education of her child. However, she may now have to move for a “fourth time”, because of an ongoing electric music festival, netizens joked.

Recently, a summer music festival was underway in Jinzhong city, Shanxi province, northern China, and the chosen venue is in a cultural park in commemoration of Mencius’ mother, with a stage installed just under his statue.

Video circulating online shows that when night falls, several beams of light hit the statue of Mencius’ mother and many people dance to the music.

This electric music festival has been approved by the local government to last for seven days, starting at 6:30 p.m. and ending at 11 p.m. every night, the staff of this cultural park said.

However, there are still some netizens who think it seems inappropriate to hold an electric music festival in front of the figure of Mencius’ mother, who would have enjoyed tranquility and focus. They joke that she is already planning a fourth move.

In a historical hint passed down from China, Mencius’ mother moved three times before finding a place she said was suitable for the child’s upbringing. as an expression, the idiom “Mencius’ mother moves three times” refers to the importance of finding the right environment to raise children.

At the same time, some users believe that modern entertainment should not be limited by certain historical sights. “I think this festival looks super cool in front of the statue of Mencius’ mother,” one user wrote on Chinese Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo.

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James C. Tibbs