Ministry announces plans to organize festivals for diasporas coming to Ethiopia

Addis Ababa December 28/2021 / ENA / Festivals of nations, nationalities of Ethiopia and entertaining and educational artistic performances would be presented to the million of the Ethiopian diaspora and friends of Ethiopia who respond to the great challenge of Ethiopian reunion, according to the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

Informing reporters today, Culture and Sports Minister Qejella Merdassa said the festivals will include concerts, cultural exhibitions, symposia and mass sports, among others.

The festivals will be held in Addis Ababa and some cities, he said, adding that the ministry would be the lead in organizing the event.

Various nations and nationalities in Ethiopia are expected to showcase their cultural products at festivals, it has been learned.

The festivals demonstrate the diversity of the Ethiopian people who live in harmony and peace.

According to him, the festivals mainly aim to entertain the diaspora and allow them to share their experiences in promoting Ethiopian social and cultural values ​​in the world.

He stressed that the festivals will also allow the diaspora to become Ethiopian cultural ambassadors when they return to their country.

The festivals would also serve as forums to exchange and share their knowledge as well as their international experiences with the diaspora.

The minister noted that the talks could pave the way for a national dialogue and help resolve internal issues through dialogue.

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James C. Tibbs