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Installation view, 2022, Not For Them, curated by Mark Carson (opening exhibition), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, photo by Noah Becker

By NOAH BECKER October 2022

Artist Mark Carson, (founder of Not for them a fashion and art brand based in New York) – has just opened an exhibition space. Now located by appointment in Williamsburg NYC, Not for them Art House offers painting, sculpture and a limited number of its fashion accessories.

Full disclosure, Mark has become a good friend of mine over the years and I’m thrilled to follow his ongoing projects. Mark and I collaborated for several years on parties with Whitehot Magazine and exhibitions around New York – which you may remember… The New York art world needs a Mark Carson and Not for them at this point in history, as it effortlessly unites the worlds of fashion, art and nightlife.

Work in mixed media by Catherine Walsh at the entrance of the gallery

Mark Carson on the roof of the gallery

Mark Carson’s New York “Arthouse” engages my esoteric obsession with how, when and why art scenes exist. And also how we might logically advance the culture of a post-pandemic post-1980 New York art world centered on Warhol/Basquiat. I’ve seen this kind of cultural action plant the seeds for major artistic actions later on – it’s the best way.

I’m referring to the obsession with market value and how society is somehow moving away from culture as fertile ground for new spaces and ideas. It’s like feeling Not for them has a lot of inflexible aspects of a New York in the present and exciting, untested artistic interactions…

Model Mathilde Brok Brandi, artist/gallery owner Mark Carson, model Lou Schoof and dog Ali

Noah Becker on the roof of the gallery

I first met Mark at “Paul’s Casablanca” – the notorious West Side bar run by New York impresario/artist/night owl Paul Sevigny. Mark suggested that we collaborate on a party he was already throwing at the Jane Hotel.

Whitehot’s collaboration with the Mark’s Jane Hotel party gave birth to the “Whitehot Magazine X Not For Them Art Party at the Jane Hotela weekly event that happened before the pandemic on Tuesday nights in New York’s West Village.

You can login with Not for them to set up an appointment and view the gallery. WM

Paintings by Grant McGrath

Independent curator Anthony Cash with collectors Sophie Park and Uni So

Ruthie the art dog visiting the exhibition

The gallery skylight with the Not For Them logo

Installation by Mark Carson

Artwork by Mark Carson and a Carson/Greggory Siff collaboration on the right

Not For Them fashions on a rack at the gallery

Installation view of the main entrance

James C. Tibbs