‘My jersey is too small!!’: When LeBron James made the most RIDICULOUS excuse for missing game-winning shots in an exhibition game

19 years in the league and LeBron James has some of the most ridiculous excuses for some hiccups.

LeBron James is known for building great teams and making lame excuses — nothing worse than what he had to say to himself in an exhibition game. In 2013, the current Lakers star made a short trip to Manila, Philippines to promote his new sneakers. He was part of an exhibition game with a local team, who were excited to play against a back-to-back NBA champion.

The Philippines is known to consume a lot of sportswear. It is a popular destination among the NBA crowd to have their promotions there. They love basketball and are proud of Jalen Green and Jordan Clarkson, two of the biggest names of Filipino descent.

During one of those tours, LeBron agreed to play a game against Gilas Pilipinas. It was a 10-minute game, where his team had a mix of UAAP juniors and seniors. It was like watching Michael Schumacher race against a group of Formula 3 drivers. James had to make a lay-up to equalize the match, which he missed, much to the delight of the Pilipinas. Formula 3 drivers beat the goliath!

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LeBron James loves the Philippines a lot – since his first visit in 2013, he’s been there 2 more times

While it was funny to see him miss out and make that ridiculous statement, there was some truth behind it, as the jersey was visibly smaller than what he was used to. There could have been some mobility issues, but hey, it was just a scrum. If he did that nowadays, he would be set on fire.

Much like Kobe Bryant in China, LeBron James has a huge fan following in the island nation. His sneakers are inspired by Filipino culture, which is why he is so popular with them. Starting with the “Agimat” colorway, James has had 4 straight years with some form of nod to Filipino culture, making him a dear celebrity in their eyes.

The Southeast Asian community has a growing number of people who love basketball and are steadily climbing the world rankings. One day, these kids could play against their idols and their NBA counterparts in a world championship game, if they keep growing.

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James C. Tibbs