NAACP lobbies to tackle cultural insensitivity in schools after blackface incident – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indianapolis NAACP wants to sit down with leaders of the Center Grove Community School Corporation to address concerns about cultural insensitivity. The move comes just over a month after a photo of a blackface student began circulating online.

The NAACP shared with News 8 the letter sent to the district superintendent. The letter contained further plans to file a report with the US Department of Education and Civil Rights. NAACP officials said there are currently laws requiring schools to address cultural skills, but said those requirements are not always met.

“We hope to engage in dialogue. The school board – is looking to engage them to determine what they are doing specifically about this incident, ”said NAACP President Ivan Douglas-Hicks.

Upon sharing the blackface photo, the district responded, in part saying, “We all need to recognize the impact our words, photos and actions can have on others. As a school community, we must all work together to unite, not divide.

But Douglas-Hicks said the statement was not enough.

“There is a difference between a reaction and a response. The reaction gets you to use your public relations, ”he said.

A letter sent to the district superintendent specifically requested “details regarding current and future efforts to ensure that students and staff are working at a higher cultural intelligence and level of civility.”

Douglas-Hicks said this incident is not isolated, but it is a sounding board to raise awareness of a wider concern across the state – such as an incident where a student of a Hamilton County student took claimed others had used the ‘n-word’ against her during a virtual class or incident at a private Indianapolis school where a student said a cotton photo was sent to them.

The NAACP says it is holding its general meeting later this week where they hope to speak to principals.

News 8 awaits the return of the district chiefs.

James C. Tibbs