Never forget that there would be no Jason and Kylie without neighbors Scott and Charlene

On Sunday, we got our answer, with Donovan and Minogue breaking the internet (OK, well, maybe just bruising it) by announcing, via Instagram, that they’d be reprising their roles for the finale. But while there’s a natural excitement to see Scott and Charlene reunited on screen, fans should be wary of how the show will handle their return.

Neighbors fans have been through so much since Minogue and Donovan left Erinsborough. There were tornadoes, tornadoes, that time Toadie (Ryan Moloney) killed Dee (Madeleine West) on their wedding day only to have her come back years later, multiple electrical fires, acid trip dreams from Bouncer The Dog, and now, the sad reality that Ramsay Street will soon be a ghost town.

The last thing they need to see is two of their most beloved characters calling for a celebrity-style cameo. If Kylie and Jason are going to return as Charlene and Scott, then they need to fully commit to the roles. It should not be detected that one has won a Grammy and sold millions of albums and that the other maintains a career on stage and on screen in the United Kingdom.


We want to see Our Kylie in Charlene’s greased overalls, rocking her painfully tight perm and speaking in a clipped Aussie accent. These days, Minogue looks more like the Queen than Charlene, but if that works, she must rediscover her inner bogan.

The same goes for Jason; no dyed blonde mullet, no Scott.

The return of Scott and Charlene will see many old Neighbors viewers are reconnecting, probably for the first time in a long time, and leaning into that nostalgia is a no-brainer.

Treat Scott and Charlene like a couple that existed in a time capsule, unfrozen, and sent back to Ramsay Street in Charlene’s Mini, like Angry Anderson’s Suddenly explodes through the cassette player. For the return of the couple who defined Australian suburbia in the 80s, the producers owe it to us.

James C. Tibbs