New Orleans Saints identity and culture intact after Sean Payton

During the first week of training camp for the New Orleans Saints, several important aspects of their 2022 prospects quickly became clear. They’re a team that expects to compete, they have “Super Bowl aspirations,” as Mark Ingram pointed out, and their style of play on offense and defense remains similar to what we’ve seen in recent times. years. The Saints’ path hasn’t faltered despite massive changes over the past two seasons.

Losing a future Hall of Fame quarterback and coach in consecutive years is more than enough to derail an NFL franchise. Many teams spend years searching for the next signal caller coach, entering rebuilds to help generate the resources needed to undertake the search.

Not New Orleans. General manager Mickey Loomis and the Saints front office together in what has been a successful offseason face a major challenge in finding their next head coach. After raising Dennis Allen to the job, they replaced key elements of their squad like OL Terron Armstead and safeties Marcus Williams and Malcolm Jenkins.

With all the personnel changes, it is understandable to wonder how things could change. How the culture and identity of the team would evolve with new faces and leaders. The simple answer is: it is not.

The New Orleans Saints are a team that is defined by its culture. Through its player-to-player, coach-to-coach and organization-to-community connection. Several players commented on the unique relationship between the team and City, Allen commented on what it means to be this City’s head coach, and Saints fans made their presence felt on the first day of open practice to top off the week.

There can be a lot of changes in 2022, new players, new coaches, new roles. But what will not be sacrificed is culture. The Saints have built their identity from this and in the first week of camp, it’s clear that won’t change anytime soon.

James C. Tibbs