‘No more Papa Mochi’: BTS ARMY slams James Corden before the boys appear on his show

Hell has no fury like a despised woman, they say. Replace the word “woman” with “BTS ARMY” and the saying is still true. K-pop group BTS went through a lot of hardship in South Korea as well as abroad for fans to be too protective of the boys.

One of the reasons ARMY has become more protective of boys is that with the group’s growing popularity, there are more people who hate them for no particular reason. Well, James Corden didn’t really hate boys, but after turning out to be a longtime boyfriend of the boys, he ended up using the band and his dedicated fan base to laugh in one of his episodes. talk show, ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’.


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James Corden mocks BTS speech at UN, ARMY says “Jimmy Fallon is our new Papa Mochi”

BTS on the “Late Late Show”

On November 16, the official Twitter account for James Corden’s late-night show, “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” posted an announcement that BTS members will be on the guest list for the one of his next episodes as part of their “Permission to Dance on Stage Concert Promotions.” As the members of BTS will be in the US at that time, the boys are invited to a “in-studio” chat session with Corden himself while they also perform their single “Permission to Dance” during the broadcast. .

BTS fans can watch BTS on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on November 23 at 2:37 p.m. KST (12:37 p.m. ET). In their message announcing BTS’s arrival at the show, the manager tweeted, “Permission to celebrate: GRANTED. Finally, @bts_twt is coming back to #LateLateShow on November 23 for a studio chat and a performance of “Permission To Dance”! We haven’t been together in person for almost two years and we can’t wait to reunite! The post ended with a purple heart, symbolizing the color of BTS’s fandom, but it looks like BTS ARMY is not in the mood for love.

James Corden infuriates the ARMY

For those living under a rock, James Corden spoke about BTS’s participation in the United Nations General Assembly in September 2021 as cultural envoys for future generations as well as youth representatives. As proud as the ARMYs were to see all of the band members stand in front of world leaders and deliver a strong message to the people of the world, fans found it bizarre how James Corden, a friend of the band who congratulated them on their past efforts on several occasions, seemed to undermine BTS ‘position and efforts at UNGA 2021.

Corden, while discussing recent events in his September 21 episode, said the United Nations had “unusual guests” at the assembly. The ARMYs found this disrespectful to BTS, especially since the host usually calls himself “Papa Mochi” jokingly jokingly with the BTS members. James, despite being aware of BTS’s efforts to have a strong social voice, decided to call the group unusual and fans didn’t like it well.

Not only that, but Corden also called BTS ARMY a “15-year-old group” to add fuel to the fire, sparking a lot of negative comments from fans of the group who come from different genders and all. ages. Fans claimed Corden’s “no fun” jokes attempted to undermine the group and the power and conscience of the fans.

BTS members prepare to promote their concert offline in the US (BTS / Weverse)

“More from Papa Mochi”

Fans have now started to respond on Twitter hoping that BTS’s Jimin doesn’t call James “Papa Mochi” now that he’s lost status. One fan said, “Do you want to call them ‘unusual visitors’ to your show as well? Since they’ve been invited to the late show as many times as they’ve been to the UN.” Another fan said, “And he’ll turn off the TV as soon as the bts leave,” while another fan noted, “No more that friendly shit… no mochi daddy, we’re using strictly government names now. “

One fan said that Jimin no longer calls James “Papa Mochi”. One fan joked that Jimin would address Corden by his official name, saying, “James:“ PLEASE WELCOME, BTS! ”Jimin: Hello James.” Another fan joked, “Namjoon surrenders at Jimin’s to tell him not to call James papa mochi after reading the messages from his Stan account. ” One fan noted how Jimin called Corden for not listening to “BE” in the past while Corden called “Dynamite” the best track on the album.

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