One Fan’s Story of ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Shows Why It Deserves More Seasons

Our flag means death One fan’s emotional story illustrates why the show deserves more seasons

Something magical happened on the high seas last month when HBO Max launched its very diverse and very strange pirate romantic comedy series Our flag means death.

The show, which stars Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi as real-life pirates Stede Bonnet and Blackbeard, quickly became a ratings hit and a fan favorite. But it still hasn’t been renewed. Now, a fan is taking to Twitter and explaining exactly why his renewal is so important.

The post’s author, who is a black queer woman, said it’s been more than a month since she first watched the show but still can’t get over it. And she knows why.

“This is the first show, if not a medium, that made me feel like maybe being myself, being who I am is not a bad thing and I should embrace who I am from everything heart,” she wrote in a recent tweet. “Being a queer black woman isn’t always easy, but this show has made it easier. It made me realize that I can find people who accept me as I am and they can become a family.

“It showed me that there is hope for me, for us, and that I’m not a failure. It showed me that there was beauty in me, and that I don’t shouldn’t be afraid to show it, because otherwise what’s the point”, she continued. “It showed me that I belong somewhere, no matter how many people around me tell me I don’t.”

The heartwarming message was shared by several cast and crew members, including creator David Jenkins, who replied, “It’s not for me to say it’s too generous, so I’ll just say thank you.”

Vico Ortiz, the non-binary actor who plays Jimalso retweeted the post, adding, “Sending you so much love through the cosmic vines that connect us!”

Since the airing of the last episodes of the first season, fans have expressed their desire to Our flag means death to renew. The buzz surrounding the show was such that it was the most requested streaming series for an entire month, beating out other shows like Moon Knight, Breakup, Euphoriaand We crashed.

Shows like Our flag means death are rare, and it shows how sought after they are. When a show gives us fleshed-out, complicated queer characters and storylines, everyone wants it.

So, HBO Max, when are you going to renew the show? The audience is certainly there, and the cultural impact too. Now the petrified orange is in your yard.

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James C. Tibbs