One of The Shining’s most twisted props goes up for auction

The ax prop actor Jack Nicholson used to play Jack Torrance in The Shining is up for auction, among other terrifying memorabilia.

One lucky horror fan can now own one of the most terrifying and iconic props used in Stanley Kubrick. The brilliant.

The prop ax that star Jack Nicholson used onscreen in the film is now available on auction site Gotta Have Rock and Roll. The prop comes with “a 25 x 2.5 x 40.5 shadow box frame with stills from the movie” for display and several documents that certify authenticity. As of this writing, there is just under a week left on the auction, with the current bid standing at $60,000.

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Additionally, horror movie lovers can also bid on any of the prop knives from the brilliant, which is signed by Danny Lloyd, the actor who played Danny Torrance in the film. Just like the axe, there is less than a week left for the auction. No current bid figures were provided.

Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the brilliant debuted in 1980, grossing over $47 million worldwide and was nominated for several Saturn Awards, including Best Horror Picture and Best Director. While critics were initially mixed in their response to the film, it’s now widely regarded as one of the best horror films ever made. In 2018, the brilliant was added to the National Film Registry for preservation purposes because of its cultural and historical significance.

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Despite the many years that have passed since its inception, the brilliant remains an integral part of pop culture discourse with ongoing analysis leading to a slew of theories ranging from the intriguing to the downright absurd. A more recent example postulates that the brilliant and Stupid and even dumber actually happen in the same cinematic universe.

In 2019, Doctor Sleep, a sequel by director Mike Flanagan which attempted to bridge King’s novel and Kubrick’s film, was created. It grossed $72.2 million worldwide and received generally positive reviews from critics. Flanagan and King have both expressed interest in producing a follow-up, but there has been no official confirmation of the project. In 2020, HBO Max began developing Neglect, a spin-off set in the world of the brilliant.

the brilliant and Doctor Sleep are available to stream on HBO Max.

Source: Gotta have some rock and roll

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