Opening of the exhibition “Colors of Quisqueya” in Katara

Professor Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, Director General of Katara – the Cultural Village Foundation, and Vice President of the Dominican Republic Raquel Pena inaugurated the “Colors of Quisqueya” exhibition in building 47, gallery 1, Katara .

The inauguration also took place in the presence of the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Qatar, Georges Basha Hazim, as well as ambassadors and heads of other diplomatic missions.
On this occasion, Professor al-Sulaiti declared: “Through these exhibitions, we are working to make people discover the cultures of distant countries.
“They differ from us in culture, but art has succeeded in bringing places together,” he added. “Katara once hosted an exhibition on the Dominican Republic, featuring a group of the most famous artists, and visitors learned about an important aspect of Dominican history and culture.”
He said that Katara welcomes creators from different countries of the world to fulfill its mission of creating bonds between nations.
In her speech, Vice President Pena expressed her gratitude and gratitude to Katara for organizing the exhibition, stating: “I am proud to be with you in this exhibition, which shows an important aspect of the exhibition. Dominican culture, because art is a global language. which allows everyone to converge and get to know each other.
“These works of art on display are intended for the most important Dominican artists of the 20th century, and I hope you will enjoy learning about our history and our culture,” she added.
The exhibition includes 35 paintings by 12 of the most famous Dominican artists and will run until November 29, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

James C. Tibbs