Pasadena-based Goldstar ticketing platform sold to TodayTix Group – Pasadena Now

TodayTix Group (TTG), which provides ticketing services to broadcast producers in the information and media, travel and leisure, lifestyle and entertainment sectors around the world, has acquired Goldstar, a Pasadena-based live event discovery and ticketing platform.

A TTG statement released on Wednesday said adding Goldstar to their portfolio would significantly increase the company’s ability to serve the public.

The acquisition, the statement added, more than doubles TTG’s North American audience to over 20 million and adds more than 60 additional cities. It also extends TTG’s offerings far beyond theater to include sports, concerts, live events and other cultural experiences.

With Goldstar, TTG sells more than eight million tickets per year and has presented more than 250,000 separate productions on its channels.

Goldstar was founded in 2002 and today has approximately 10 million members and approximately 6,000 partner sites. Goldstar’s apps and website help people across the country experience live local events including theater, comedy, concerts, dancing, cabaret and food tours, at half the prices expensive or more.

The company’s platform has become a key marketing tool for event planners, producers, performing arts centers and promoters, helping them create new audiences and dramatically increase their revenue.

“We created Goldstar because we knew people wanted to release more and we knew venues and promoters wanted these people at their shows,” said Jim McCarthy, co-founder of Goldstar. “It’s simple, but not easy, to create a marketplace that brings both parties together. Over the years, few have done it, but TodayTix Group does it extraordinarily well in a way that works for both ticket buyers and show producers.

Brian Fenty, co-founder and CEO of TTG, said. “While theater, culture and live events have suffered tremendously during the pandemic, we are incredibly optimistic about its future. “

Fenty added that audiences are not only actively returning to theaters and shows, but are also looking for more curation, better technology, and smarter personalization.

“Adding Goldstar to our growing list of brands and investing in Stellar will help our community to recover and thrive, and bring the curious back from culture to performance,” he said.

Stellar is a full-service live streaming partner for professional live entertainment organizers. The Goldstar team launched the platform in October 2020 to help an industry that needs to engage the public and generate revenue during the pandemic. Since its launch, Stellar has generated millions of ticket and merchandise revenue and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, according to Goldstar.

Since 2020, TTG has also acquired a variety of innovative state-of-the-art theater and cultural events companies, such as Show-Score, Encore and Broadway Roulette. The acquisitions are fueling a simple, accessible and technological way for consumers to find their favorites and experience new shows and experiences in their city or while traveling, the company said.

Several members of the Goldstar team, including McCarthy, will be leaving Goldstar to continue Stellar’s growth, according to the TTG statement.

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James C. Tibbs