Paytm Insider signs an exclusive collaboration with SOCIAL for contemporary cultural and musical events in its 33 points of sale across the country

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Paytm Insider signs an exclusive collaboration with SOCIAL for contemporary cultural and musical events in its 33 points of sale across the country

Posted on April 7, 2022

This partnership will see Paytm Insider bring its curation, ticketing and promotion experience to SOCIAL venues across the country.

One of India’s leading entertainment and digital experience platforms, Paytm Insider, has partnered with SOCIAL (of Impresario Group) to promote live events across all SOCIAL and antiSOCIAL outlets in 7 cities across the country , from April. The move proves particularly noteworthy as it will see Paytm Insider handle ticketing and event promotion in various SOCIAL venues while running its own IPs and artist tours in the field.

SOCIAL is a mainstay of India’s thriving nightlife as well as a well-known space that fosters independent communities and subcultures by programming local and international talent at its outlets in different cities while successfully hosting its own IP addresses throughout the year.

Through its collaboration with SOCIAL, Paytm Insider will have access to state-of-the-art venues across India while bringing its marketing and curation expertise alongside a network of over 10 million consumers. gathered during its 8 years of existence. Moreover, the collaboration aims to transform every SOCIAL place into a melting pot of various genres of performance, art and entertainment with events such as live music (Pop, Indie, Bolly, Rock Jazz, Blues), shows humor, workshops, exhibitions, screenings. , and other exciting field events!

Alongside this partnership, SOCIAL and Johnny Walker Refreshing Mixer hosted SAUCE, a 2-day contemporary culture festival bringing together music, art, crypto and hypewear under one roof.

Speaking about the partnership with SOCIAL, Varun Khare (Head – Live Entertainment) said“With people finally venturing outside, the country’s nightlife is reborn. This partnership, significant to both SOCIAL and Paytm Insider, will see SOCIAL become a high-octane space to experience diverse music from before -custody and the best of modern culture.Furthermore, it will allow both entities to build a sustainable ecosystem that will create opportunities for artists, promoters and organizers to work closely with SOCIAL sites across India and Paytm Insider to host live events.

Speaking about this partnership with Paytm Insider and the launch of SAUCE, Mayank Bhatt (Business Head, SOCIAL), said “For us at Impresario Handmade Restaurants, creating a community experience is always essential and we are thrilled to partner with Paytm Insider to run amazing cultural experiences for the year ahead and collectively celebrate art across the country by creating a sustainable ecosystem with artists, promoters, producers and brands willing to work together.At SOCIAL, we believe in being pioneers whatever space we occupy, and we take the most relevant subcultures to create SAUCE We intend to develop this property to become synonymous with new age culture in the times to come.”

Sharing his perspective on the initiative, Abhishek Shahabadi (Vice President and Head of Scotch & Premium Whites Portfolio, Diageo India) said“For more than two decades, Johnnie Walker has been a beacon of progress and is committed to constantly pushing the boundaries through its evergreen ‘Keep Walking’ narrative. In keeping with the brand’s ethos, we are delighted to partner with SOCIAL and Paytm Insider to launch a contemporary festival like SAUCE and disrupt cultural perspectives. With Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer (Non-Alcoholic) at the forefront of the collaboration, we aim to inspire people to

kick-start socializing responsibly while engaging with live cultural changemakers. We believe this culturally relevant festival is a fresh start for the year where audiences can connect through cultural pillars such as music, art, technology and fashion under one roof.

SAUCE, a 2-day contemporary culture festival will allow attendees to meet and indulge in local high street and hip clothing brands like “Frankly Street”, as well as Indian entrepreneurs inventing their own blockchain platforms – Angad B Sodhi (Colours Of India Dao), NFT artists Neekita Singh and Cyber ​​Shakti, Rakshita Phillip (The Perfect Women NFT Project), among others. In addition, Aaquib Wani, Boomrang Studios, Zake and many other new generation artists breaking the barriers of traditional media and interactivity will be present. Additionally, a ragtag group of indie musicians including Cinema of Excess, Parvaaz, Peter Cat Recording Co., Yashraj and more will deliver a sensational experience to the audience with their energetic live performances.

Embedded with blockchain-based access experiences, NFT galleries and graffiti, textures and space designs, SAUCE is a festival with a futuristic vision taking place at Vikhroli SOCIAL on April 9, 2022 and April 10, 2022 from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. The venue is following required disinfection and hygiene protocols to ensure a safe experience for its attendees. Tickets for the festival are available on Paytm Insider

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