performative exhibition of piknik’s works illustrates conversations about time

piknik is working on Jerusalem Design Week 2022

During Jerusalem Design Week 2022Istanbul-based design collective Piknik Works has taken over the Hansen House Center for Design for a performance exposure which plays with the limits of physical and mental experiences in relation to our homes. Their new project, Piknik Salon, aims to discuss the storytelling potential of design and bring together the performative act of drawing and visual storytelling to animate a transformation of spatiality. Performing in real time for their exhibition, the group conducted a series of exchanges with visitors via round tables and illustrated those conversations on the blank canvas of furniture in their signature electric blue style.

the exhibition was presented at Jerusalem Design Week 2022

all images courtesy of Piknik works

illustrating conversations in electric blue

On June 23, 2022, the eleventh edition of Jerusalem Design Week welcomed more than 40,000 visitors for the showcase of numerous exhibitions, installations and eclectic projects. The work centered around the theme ‘For Now’, exploring both the ephemeral of design and the design of the ephemeral, examining the ways in which time can be harnessed to bring about a positive effect in periods of uncertainty. Among the participants was the Istanbul-based design collective Piknik Works, whose works seek to experiment with the boundaries of art, architecture and graphic realms.

For their Salon Works performance, the Turkish designers experimented with a “Salon” dining room setup to discuss the storytelling potential of the design. Piknik Works initially designed and prepared the room as a blank canvas with furniture painted white. They then invited visitors to join them at the table and engage in spontaneous, planned conversations centered on the themes of 21st century time and culture, which were simultaneously inscribed on the surfaces with blue words and illustrations. electric. Over the seven days of the festival, the table and its surroundings gradually filled with stories, statements, questions and drawings in freely structured depictions of intuitive conversations.

Reflecting on her time at Jerusalem Design Week, Piknik designer and curator Melodi Gülbaba observes: “We had a wonderful and intellectually nutritious experience in the creative atmosphere of JDW. We worked every day to create our fourth performative drawing project, an experimental process that discusses the narrative potential of spatiality by drawing the narrative directly onto it. .

Live performative exhibition of piknik's works illustrates conversations about time
the illustrations happened spontaneously and intuitively

Live performative exhibition of piknik's works illustrates conversations about time
visitors were invited to the dining table to chat with the designers

James C. Tibbs