Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Explain the Cultural Purpose of “Sandwiches”

A knowledgeable Pokemon fan writes a message to the community explaining how important Scarlet and Violet sandwiches are in Spanish culture.

A connoisseur Pokemon scarlet and violet fan wrote an in-depth post on social media to enlighten other players on exactly what the in-game sandwiches are based on and how they are actually very important in traditional Spanish food culture. Fans first took a look at this new feature coming with Pokemon scarlet and violet a few weeks ago, which will allow coaches to make their own sandwiches to gain useful game advantages.


As seen in one of the games’ trailers, players will be able to gather ingredients and make their own sandwiches which can be shared with their Pokémon to provide certain gameplay benefits. The community was able to dive into the specifics of making sandwiches thanks to a lot of preliminary gameplay footage released a few weeks ago, which gave fans a better understanding of how sandwiches could benefit gameplay. It turns out there’s a surprisingly large variety of different sandwiches available to players, using a range of ingredients and condiments to create snacks that offer increases in type-specific encounter rate, catch rate, and even brilliant spawn rates.

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A fan on Reddit by the name of Old-Ostrich6865 wrote a detailed and informative post explaining to other members of the community exactly what the sandwiches contain. scarlet and purple represent in Spanish culture and how they are made. According to the user, this is a very specific and important type of sandwich that is usually made in the Iberian Peninsula, a region that includes parts of Portugal and the Canary Islands alongside Spain. The sandwiches are called “bocadillo” – pronounced bo-ka-dee-yo – and are a common snack prepared and eaten by locals for all kinds of daily occasions. The bocadillo is distinct from a typical sandwich, as it is made with specific ingredients, including baguette bread, salad, aged cheese, olive oil, sea salt and, in general, a special type of Spanish ham called Jamon iberico.

Additionally, Jamon iberico is a type of pig that comes exclusively from a breed of black pig, a species that likely served as the inspiration for one of the many new Pokémon found in the Paldea region, Lechonk. While the bocadillo is surely the actual cultural significance that served as the basis for the game’s sandwich-making mechanic, players will be able to add a lot more ingredients that aren’t actually used in the traditional bocadillo.

The past few months have provided plenty of new trailers, leaks, and mysteries for gamers to indulge in as the buildup to the launch of scarlet and purple increase. From making sandwiches to adorable new Pokemon, the plethora of exciting new additions to the Pokemon world has fans more excited than ever to begin their adventures in the Paldea region.

Pokemon scarlet and violet will be available from November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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