Poland wants Russia kicked out of UNESCO, says minister


Poland supports Russia’s withdrawal from UNESCO membership, a deputy culture minister has said.

Wanda Zwinogrodzka said she presented Poland’s position on Russia at an informal meeting of EU culture ministers held in Angers, France, on March 8.

“We are in favor of stripping Russia of its membership in UNESCO and other international organizations,” she said. “It is also necessary to remove all media channels of the Russian Federation regime from digital platforms around the world in order to put an end to the lies of Russian propaganda.”

Zwinogrodzka said Poland supports the call by Ukrainian Culture Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko and Ukrainian cultural figures to impose sanctions on Russia in the field of culture.

“In this de facto totalitarian state, culture plays a servant role and serves as a tool for political propaganda,” she said. “The sanctions should include the cancellation of all projects in which the Russian Federation is involved and those financed by Russia, the cancellation of the participation of the Russian Federation in international festivals, exhibitions, forums and artistic events, as well as than the prohibition of the presentation of Russian culture in the media.”

According to a statement from the Polish Ministry of Culture: “Poland, faced with the war started in Ukraine by the Russian Federation, whose basic modus operandi are crimes against the civilian population, considers that the sanctions of civilized Western countries must be strict and effective.”

James C. Tibbs