Pop culture fans show up dressed for Tupelo-Con Day 1 | New

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) – People of all kinds cosplayed and met vendors in Building 5 of the Tupelo Furniture Market on Saturday for the first day of Tupelo-Con 2022.

The event started at 10:00 a.m. on the morning of July 16.

Fans in attendance had the chance to participate in a cosplay contest, meet different TV and film actors, and purchase merchandise of all kinds.

Jason Smith came to the con dressed as Ghostbuster, with a patch personalized with his last name.

“Oh, that’s amazing. Because you know, you can’t dress like that every day. I know they say dress for the job you want…but it always has the looked shunned… ‘Oh, you’re a kid,’ or ‘Oh, you are,’ you know, ‘you’re an outcast,’ Smith said. “But here we are, you know, and it’s great to see us all together and having a great time.”

Other scammers, like Ian Rineheart, came with friends. He was dressed as Spider-Man, accompanying Eugeo from the anime Sword Art Online and the Doom Guy from the video game series Loss.

“They’re dressed like more mature things from different shows, but I’m Spider-Man so a lot of kids will be running towards you and everyone will be excited, so that’s something special,” Rineheart said.

Some guests were unrecognizable without their attire, such as Bailey Banegas, who came dressed in a full Ferrox fur suit (a cross between a ferret and a fox).

“I’ve been here since Comic-con opened. It’s kind of a modge-podge of everything that everyone loves with no one judging anyone,” Banegas said. “So it’s always fun to meet new people.”

The convention continues on Sunday, July 17 from noon.

Ticket prices are available at the door.

James C. Tibbs