Qetaifan North Island will welcome up to 50,000 visitors a day during the World Cup

Qetaifan Island North is preparing to welcome football fans visiting Qatar, as well as tourists, for the various cultural and entertainment events it will host.
These include QetaiFAN Camp, which has 1,800 luxury Arabian tents with a distinctive sea view of Lusail city, fully furnished, including breakfast and access to QetaiFAN Beach Fest.
Likewise, the Arab Village will introduce visitors to the diversity and hospitality of Arab culture. The village of Al Thuraya offers entertainment activities for families and children, while the Beach Club will welcome visitors to enjoy many beach events and entertainment shows.

Qetaifan Island North is only 5 km from Lusail Stadium, making the island one of the must-visit places in November and December.
Hesham Sharaf, director of operations at Qetaifan Projects, said the island was ready to welcome visitors.

Sheikh Nasser bin Abdulaziz al-Thani, Business Development Manager, Qetaifan Projects.

He said: “Despite the challenges and difficulties, we have focused on preparing the island to welcome the fans, in coordination with the relevant authorities and institutions, in order to provide the best means of security for the fans. “
He added: “We considered the preparation of the necessary logistics, including roads, traffic and pedestrian routes. The island will also include four clinics to provide round-the-clock services, parking spaces for up to 4,000 cars, security companies to provide security teams and lifeguards inside and outside. exterior of events.

Hesham Sharaf, Director of Operations at Qetaifan Projects.

“In addition, the police and traffic police, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, support all events and activities on the island. We thank all the entities and institutions that have cooperated and will cooperate with us to enhance the island to the highest level required.
Sheikh Nasser bin Abdulaziz al-Thani, Business Development Manager of Qetaifan Projects, said: “There is no doubt that the hosting of our beloved country and as an Arab country for the major sporting event is in itself an opportunity to highlight growth that includes all sectors of the country, and at Qetaifan Projects we plan to host the tournament as a starting point for further achievements in the future.

Arabian Village

“Considering that Qetaifan Island North is the premier tourist entertainment destination in Qatar, we have worked to provide a comprehensive and unique tourism and entertainment experience for visitors and fans where events will include all categories and satisfy all tastes.
He added, “We have taken care of the smallest details by partnering with international and local companies, such as Universal Ventures, Madaeen Al Doha, AHK Enterprise and Fusion Group Holding, as well as Al Wajba for organizing conferences and of events.

1,800 fully furnished luxury Arabic tents
Qetaifan Island North is one of the biggest contributors to providing distinctive accommodation for football fans by offering a camp consisting of 1,800 fully furnished luxury Arabic tents which will provide all hotel services including breakfast and internet free, in addition to a clinic and security services available 24/7, as well as a beautiful and picturesque view of the northern beach of Qetaifan Island where each tent is designed to accommodate two people.
Camp guests can also drop by the biggest beach festival in terms of events, open all day, as well as enjoy live events and shows on the island’s linear channel.

Beach activations

QetaiFAN Beach Party
The island is also preparing to present the biggest entertainment festival on its beaches in November and December. Many entertainment events on the beach, beach sports, F&B, augmented reality shows, daily concerts by the most prominent Arab and foreign artists, free internet and giant screens on the beach to watch all the football matches.

The Arab village
Seeking to attract an Arab and international audience, the Arab Village is designed to showcase the diversity and hospitality of Arab culture by allocating an area of ​​17,700 m² which includes a pavilion for each Arab country as a window allowing visitors and fans from these countries to present live shows that will host Arab artists and cultural and entertainment shows.
In addition to Arab cuisines and traditional shows, the village will also offer live broadcasts of matches on the big screen. Visitors to the village are expected to reach 50,000 visitors per day.

Al Thuraya Village

Al Thuraya Village offers international and well-known games and entertainment shows for all visitors and families in November and December. The village includes restaurants, daily live music performances and a circus show for children, in addition to souvenir shops and other exciting shows for all members of the family. The village expects to reach 10,000 visitors per day.

Soft opening of Meryal Waterpark
Meryal Waterpark will also open its doors to visitors in November and December. Its unique design is inspired by the history of the oil and gas industry in Qatar. Meryal is the largest water park in the region with 36 water rides and the world’s tallest tower of its kind – the “Icon Tower”, located on a small island opposite Qetaifan Island North and connected by a bridge over water.

James C. Tibbs