QSindhis marks 7th Pakistan Sindhi Culture Day

QSindhis recently hosted its 7th Pakistani Sindhi Cultural Day in conjunction with Qatar National Day on December 17, 2021 at the Retaj Salwa Resort.

The event brought together notable personalities including Pakistan Ambassador Syed Ahsan Raza Shah, CWA Waheedullah Wazir from Pakistan Embassy and Arsalan Tanoli, Director of Community Policing Department at Interior Ministry, Dr Ibrahim Muhammad Rashid Al Sameih, as well as heads of various Pakistani Community Forums.

Community members, their families and children were dressed in graceful Sindhi cultural clothing with Ajrak-Sindhi cap, reflecting the unity and pride of the rich culture of Sindh.

Muhammad Sheikh and Lateef Memon hosted the main guest of the event, Pakistan Ambassador Syed Ahsan Raza Shah, and special guest of the event, Colonel Dr Ibrahim Mohd. Rachid Al Semaih.

Junaid Sarwar thanked Pakistan Embassy CWA Waheedullah Wazir for their support and Ministry of Culture, Government of Sindh, Pakistan for sponsoring Sindh stars Zamin Ali and Deeba Sehar, who zealously entertained the whole crowd and by train.

Mr. Ali Rajper delivered the welcoming speech in which he presented the history of Sindh, Pakistan.

QSindhis Little Stars also attended the event where Pakistan International School student Rania Muhammad gave the presentation on Journey to Sindh, Pakistan which consisted of detailed information on Sindh traditions and culture.

QSindhis central committee members Omair Rind, Iftikhar Jatoi, Atif Dogar, Riaz Shaikh, Jaam Feroz, Abdullah Soomro, Aftab Abro, Haneef Abro, Tariq Mangrio, Adnan Qureshi, Maqsood Mangi and Adnan Soomro took the opportunity to present Ajrak-Sindhi Cap, and shields to all notable guests of the Embassy of Pakistan, the Principle of Pakistan International School, and the MOI Qatar Community Police Department.

Special guest of the event Col. Rashid thanked QSindhis for hosting an excellent cultural event and said he was inspired by QSindhis achievements since 2014. During his speech, he described the role of the community policing service, ME, Qatar to all participants of the one event.

The main guest of the event, Syed Ahsan Raza Shah, awarded shields to Dr Imtiaz Ahmed Tago and Dr Shabnam Jatoi for serving the community during the pandemic. Syed Ahsan Raza Shah awarded the shields to Zarish Rind and Mahnoor Rind who specially traveled from Sindh, Pakistan to volunteer for the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021.

Chief guest Syed Ahsan Raza Shah applauded the efforts of the Sindhi community to promote inter-community unity. Addressing the community, he announced that this event is recognized by MOFA Qatar as a state level event and commended the QSindhis central committee for organizing a mega cultural event in which all communities participated and celebrated the colors of the rich culture of Sindh. In addition, he congratulated the leaders of the host country on the success of the FIFA ARAB CUP Qatar 2021 football tournament.

Zamin Ali and Deeba Sahar entertained the audience with Folk Sindhis songs and the program ended with Ho Jamalo (the musical symbol of Sindh).

Sindhi Handcrafts Gallery was established by the organizers to exhibit and promote Sindh handicrafts, guests from other communities were very inspired by these works of art.

Junaid Sarwar added that the purpose of organizing such events is to promote and showcase the colors of Sindh and the shining face of Pakistan to the world.

The purpose of this celebration is to strengthen inter-community unity for national development and prosperity of Pakistan, in addition to maintaining Pakistan’s prestige in the world and strengthening Pak-Qatar relations, added Muhammad Sheikh at the ceremony. closing date of the event.

QSindhis Co-Founder Asif Memon from Birmingham UK, reiterated that QSindhis Social Forum will continue to play a constructive role with Pakistani Community Forums, Pakistan Embassy and Qatari authorities to carry out its activities this year for participate and represent our beloved country, Pakistan, at the 2021 FIFA World Cup. Qatar.

James C. Tibbs