Single Life fans call out Tiffany for going to South Africa to meet her ex Ronald

Tonight on 90 days: single life (Season 3, Episode 10), Tiffany made a decision that didn’t sit well with fans or her mother. Tiffany’s ex Ronald, who used to act, asked her to visit him in South Africa with the kids as he hadn’t seen his daughter Carly for a year. He also wanted to discuss the future of their relationship and rekindle their bond.

While her mother called it a terrible idea, Tiffany ultimately opted to buy open tickets to meet Ronald in South Africa. She was also thrilled that Carly was seeing her father. As a warning, Tiffany’s friend asked her not to stay at Ronald’s house.

Tiffany knew she would quickly fall back into her ex’s arms and told Dan, who had been dating her for two weeks now. Dan understood the situation very well, making Tiffany’s decision even more difficult. She decided not to take her son, Daniel, to South Africa because Ronald had betrayed him in the past.

90 days: single life fans were upset with Tiffany’s decision and called it stupid.

90 days: single life fans feel that Tiffany falls in love with everyone very quickly

As noted by her sons, fans felt that Tiffany easily falls in love with anyone. Interestingly, Tiffany accused Ronald of playing the game, lighting the gas, and fighting with her in the past.

Therefore, 90 days: single life fans were shocked after seeing Tiffany make up her mind so quickly and attempt to reconnect with him.

Tiffany’s story is probably real. We all have that friend who wears us down by making the same mistakes over and over again. #90DayFiancé

Unless Tiffany is also willing to try living in South Africa again, why is she even considering moving back with him? #90DayFiancé

What happened on 90 days: single life season 3, episode 10?

This week on 90 days: single life, Natalie returned to Sequim, Washington, to meet her ex-husband Mike. She hugged him for a long time and confessed that she loved him. Natalie accepted that her biggest mistake was leaving Mike.

Mike said he had been waiting for her for a long time but was disappointed because she was having fun dating other men. As a result, his mother moved in with him. Natalie was afraid that Mike’s mother would confront her because she had left her son very quickly to move to Florida.

The episode description reads,

“Natalie explains to Mike why she left; Tiffany meets Dan with unexpected news; Tania has a revealing conversation that motivates her to close the chapter on her marriage; Veronica asks Tim for help.”

Veronica told Tim about their lack of communication. Tim reminded her that she was the one who asked him not to interfere in his love life. Veronica made it clear that she didn’t want Tim showing up on her doorstep unannounced but wanted them to be friends.

Later, the two discussed their promise to get married if they were both single at 50.

90 days: single life airs on TLC every Monday at 8 p.m. ET and shows the journey of some singletons from the 90 days franchise.

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