Sometimes Less is Morbius as Sony Troll Fans

Sony has been trying to turn its Spider-Man villains into their own movies for a while, and Morbius is no exception. Although the Venom movies have been surprisingly successful, not all Webhead weirdos are created equal. Even though The Living Vampire underperformed at the box office, that didn’t stop the internet’s meme culture from sucking this movie up.

Unfortunately, Sony took the wrong message from this trolling and continued to reissue Morbius in theaters for a second time in June, hoping to capitalize on the film’s “popularity”. Unfortunately for Sony, people laughing at your movie on the internet doesn’t mean they’re going to give you their money, much less their sincerity. Ask Boaty McBoatface.


Whereas Morbius has now twice underperformed at the box office, that doesn’t stop the internet from trying to trick Sony into wasting its money yet again. A petition on calling for a third release of the film has nearly reached its goal of 35,000 signatures at press time. Titled “We were all busy this weekend – Please bring Morbius to the theater a third time”, Ian Hinden’s petition baits Sony for a third strike at the mound.

Even like Morbius continues to make the meme rounds, this movie is unlikely to return from the grave anytime soon. Still, it might be worth putting your name on this petition, if only for the *ahem* lolz.

James C. Tibbs