South Hampton Baptist Church Celebrates Project Completion | Community

SOUTH HAMPTON – The South Hampton Baptist Church Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the completion of a $ 25,078 project to restore the exterior of the South Hampton Central Church.

South Hampton Baptist Church (SHBC) is a New England church dedicated to the person and ministry of Jesus Christ and His message of the Good News for all and for all times, “Where the doors are ‘open on the hinges of love ”. (SHBC) completed work on a $ 25,078 project to support the exterior preservation of their church building, which included exterior repairs and repainting of the entire building, which now features a beautiful red door and other accents that make the exterior of the building more attractive and welcoming.

Pastor Jeremy Pataro said of the project: “The Church is grateful for the guidance and care that LCHIP has graciously given to us throughout this wonderful endeavor to preserve and beautify this Church of ancient American history. and its artifacts inside. In addition, we are grateful for all the active support and funding that our great community has given us. “

From the end of 2019 to 2021, all the members who have endeavored to undertake this task with us have done so with the utmost professionalism and integrity. We set out to encourage the South Hampton community by restoring the exterior of the South Hampton Baptist Church building, and now exterior repairs and painting are complete. Through polar bear dive fundraising, hard manual labor to offset church costs, our families battling the Covid 19 pandemic in the midst of fundraising, God brought us to that and got us through that. A job well done everyone.

Special recognition and thanks goes to NH Preservation Alliance, the LCHIP team and those they work with, Lionstone Construction Pro, The Church Board and the people and finally, all of the town and community. in general who have supported us all along the way.

Grant recipients are required to raise a minimum of one dollar for every dollar provided by LCHIP. This project raised approximately $ 12,000 in donations from other sources, including various donations from members and faithful of the Church, and its community at large, as well as fundraisers and volunteers who give their time and energy to tackle the many difficult tasks.

About South Hampton Baptist Church

SHBC is a blessed member of the American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire (ABC V / NH). SHBC has existed as a church community since 1772 and will celebrate its 250th anniversary this fall 2022. South Hampton Baptist Church is one of the oldest churches in NH State. It has a very well documented history, wonderful historical artifacts, and interesting information about the life and development of early America from the 1700s to the 1900s. The Church is dedicated to the person and ministry of Jesus Christ for all time. The church has done this by striving in many long-term ministries both near and abroad that we are grateful for the opportunity. One of those close missions is to preserve and care for our historic building and its artifacts inside.

For more information on visiting South Hampton Baptist Church or dial 603-394-2224.

About the New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program

The New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program is an independent state authority established by the legislature in 2000. The legislative mandate of LCHIP is to ensure the perpetual contribution of natural, cultural and historical resources to the economy, environment and land. quality of life in New Hampshire. LCHIP does this by providing matching grants to New Hampshire communities and nonprofit organizations to conserve and preserve the state’s most important natural, cultural, and historic resources. The program provided 499 grants that helped conserve approximately 294,000 acres of land for food production, water quality, ecological values, timber management and recreation and supported 301 rehabilitation projects of 286 structures and historic sites.

Grants were awarded in all parts of the state and in 176 of New Hampshire’s 234 communities. Fifty million dollars in state money led to a total project value of over $ 289 million. The money for the LCHIP grants comes from fees on four documents recorded in the Deed Registry in each county in the state.

For more information on LCHIP, visit or dial 603-224-4113.

James C. Tibbs