Stream kids’ shows parents won’t mind watching on repeat

Young children love repetition. When they find a show they love, they watch it again and again – and so do their parents, whether they like it or not. But this rehearsal doesn’t have to be a chore for the adults in the house. Whether it’s live action, animation, or a mix of forms, parents have a wider selection than ever before of shows to show their kids. If they get addicted to one of these shows that anyone can enjoy, adults won’t hesitate to hear “Encore!” Again!” again.

Here are some streaming shows for kids that parents can enjoy alongside them, no matter how often you hit the replay button.

Bluey (Disney+)


This Australian import of a family of cartoon dogs and their wild imaginations sets the standard for entertaining shows for kids and parents. It’s relatable for young children – girls Bluey and Bingo are 6 and 4 respectively – and the show is a celebration of their youthful creativity. Each episode focuses on imaginary play, showing young viewers the value of pretending without ever being didactic about it. While the kids are amused with the sisters’ spirited and lively antics, adults can enjoy the expertly crafted humor and poignant explorations of parenthood. And at six minutes per episode and around 50 episodes per season, there’s a ton of variety in the catalog to keep the whole family engaged. You might even find yourself watching this one without your child.


Waffles + Mochi (Netflix)

Waffles + Mochi

Come along for the deliciously silly premise – a mix of puppet and live-action, featuring a mochi and a half-Yeti/half-waffle creature who work at michelle obama‘s grocery store – but stay for lessons in the joys of food, cooking and travel. Through the adventures of Waffles and Mochi around the world, exploring local traditions with renowned chefs, children discover a wide variety of cultures and foods while their parents acquire simple tips for starting their own kitchen. The absurdly brightly colored tone is a treat for kids and their parents, and the show may inspire both to finally try something new at dinner.

Mira, Detective Royal (Disney+)

Mira, Detective Royal

This animated show about a teenage detective in a fictional kingdom inspired by 19th-century India teaches children about careful observation, problem-solving when it gets difficult, and the value of friendship and friendship. ‘equity. With two mysteries per episode, kids can search for clues and piece together clues alongside Mira. At the same time, parents can enjoy the beautifully vibrant animation, catchy songs and charming vocal performances from actors like Kal Penn, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Hannah Simone, Aasif Mandviand more.

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Alma’s Path (PBS Kids)

Alma Road

This new cartoon created by sesame streetit’s Sonia Manzano is in its first season on PBS Kids. It centers on a Puerto Rican girl, her family and friends growing up in the Bronx. Alma has a good heart, a strong will and opinions, and her relationships with her parents, little brother and friends are relatable while opening a window into cultural traditions that some children may not know. As children follow Alma’s adventures in New York, parents can enjoy the vivid descriptions and how Alma helps children learn to balance their needs with those of their community.

Let’s go Luna! (PBS Children)

Let's go Luna!

In this animated travel show, Luna – the red-booted moon – and a group of young anthropomorphic animals visit a new world destination every two episodes. Over the course of two stories and a local folk song or poem in each episode, children learn about faraway places, as well as the customs and sights of each new destination. The show consults with local cultural experts for each location to ensure each destination is portrayed with equal fun and authenticity, showing children how much there is to celebrate in our differences and similarities. And although the adults will probably learn things too, they will especially appreciate the animation of Joe Murraycreator of their own childhood Rocko’s modern lifeas well as the always welcome Judy Greer like Luna’s voice.

The Adventures of Paddington (Noggin)

The Adventures of Paddington

Sometimes parents need their children to repeat something a little quiet. The soft, soothing Paddington Adventures is just the ticket. In this modern update of the classic, a small brown bear from Peru becomes part of a London family, and diversions ensue as he learns to live among humans. But even when those antics spin out of control, the show maintains a steady and soothing vibe, enveloping kids and parents alike in its good-natured warmth. As children laugh with Paddington about his utterly charming weaknesses and attempt to correct them, parents enjoy the nostalgia of spending time with a beloved character in new adventures. They may also find themselves taking to heart the lessons the human family of Paddington learns along the way – “How could I be afraid of something you love?” Mr Brown asks in the first episode, a sweet reminder for the adults in the room to remain open to their children’s sources of wonder.

We Bare Bears (Cartoon Network, HBO Max and Hulu)

We bare bears

If your slightly older child needs a lively new date, the whole family can enjoy it We bare bears. Three brothers, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear, try their best to participate in modern human society, with mixed results. Kids and parents alike can enjoy both the well-meaning damage the bears leave in their wake and the sweet, upbeat tone that never gets sickening. With entertaining situations like a larceny pigeon cartel and an Internet celebrity pet convention, humor spans generations, and adults can keep an ear out for comedians like Patton Oswalt, Bobby Moynihan, Demitri Martin, Cameron Espositoand Charlyne Yi among the very funny voice cast.


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