Streaming Fans Have Fun With A Flat Fantasy That Almost Won An Oscar

through Amazon Studios

It will be very interesting to see if the fan-voted categories return to next year’s Oscars, as most people would agree that the inaugural audition was nothing short of a farce.

In what was effectively a contest to see who had the most militant fan base, Zack Snyder army of the dead ended up winning the Oscars Fan Favorite trophy, which was actually owed to HBO Max Justice League being excluded from contention via its streaming exclusive status.

Before that, however, two other unexpected contenders were on course to take home the award. One of them was Johnny Depp’s Minamatawhich barely scored a theatrical release after being delayed and dropped by MGM, while the other was tasteless from Amazon Cinderellawho was even in the lead at one point.


Months after fading from memory following the loss of army of the dead, Cinderella has taken over the streaming imagination, according to FlixPatrol. The monotonous fairy tale has been climbing the Prime Video charts for days, even though its moment in the cultural spotlight died out long ago.

Relentlessly mediocre and twee to a fault, Kay Cannon’s familiar retread of a story that’s been told countless times before could only muster a 42% Rotten Tomatoes score, with a slightly more generous user rating by 59%. It’s not the benchmark for an Oscar-winning film, but as mentioned earlier, the vote has nothing to do with quality.

James C. Tibbs