Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Launches #SuzhouHeritage Campaign in North America and Europe

Located just 30 minutes from Shanghai By high-speed train, Suzhou has long been a haven for creatives and intellectuals and offers a number of remarkable cultural experiences that allow visitors to truly immerse themselves in the destination. While restrictions on international travel remain in place, culturally conscious travelers will have the option to follow the campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with the hashtag #SuzhouHeritage to learn more about traditional art forms native to Suzhou such as the city’s famous classical gardens, Kunqu Opera and Pingtan Tales, as well as the fine arts perfected in town like the kesi method of silk embroidery, walnut carvings, fan making, and more. The campaign will also highlight customs that take place during special times of the year, including the Lunar New Year and the Jiangnan International Culture, Arts and Tourism Festival. In addition to engaging content on social media, the campaign will include four online events, sponsorship of two in-person events hosted at United States and UK, management, digital advertising and media awareness.

“Suzhou’s fascinating arts and culture are an integral part of the city’s more than 2,500 years of history,” said Lincoln Wang, director of international communication and cooperation for the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism. “We look forward to sharing these aspects of our city with a foreign audience over the coming year.”

For over 2,500 years, Suzhou has been known as a center of art and culture. Leading intellectuals, artists and public figures have long been drawn to the city’s romantic canals and beautiful classical gardens, nine of which have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The performing arts, including Kunqu Opera and Pingtan storytelling, originate in Suzhou, and the city is also important to the design and fashion worlds as a center of silk-making and embroidery. In addition to its arts and culture, Suzhou is home to many natural areas that allow limitless outdoor activities. Visitors looking for the modern side of Suzhou will find five-star hotels, the iconic Jinji Lake, limitless shopping and from China taller on the water Big Wheel in the chic and contemporary district of SIP. Each year, millions of tourists flock to Suzhou to experience the destination’s more than 400 attractions, ranging from pagodas and temples to historic districts and world-class museums.

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SOURCE Suzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

James C. Tibbs