Tax evasion controversy explained as fans extend support amid fears of 8-year prison sentence for Colombian singer

Latin superstar Shakira could find herself behind bars after allegedly committing tax evasion. According to sources, the Colombian singer refused a settlement that would have allowed her to avoid going to court. Lawyers claim that between 2012 and 2014, the singer refused to pay 14.5 million euros in taxes to the Spanish government.

Carlos Cruzado, the president of the Union of Treasury Technicians, revealed to a late-night talk show host that Shakira has been charged with six tax offenses. Cruzado said:

“She runs a very high risk of being charged with six tax offenses, with the penalties that this could entail.”

According to the prosecutor’s documents, the singer bought a house in Barcelona in May 2012, which became her family home for her partner and their son, who was born in Spain in 2013. Following the news of the alleged tax evasion of the Grammy singer, netizens took to Twitter to share their thoughts. A Twitter account @Rothmus came to the singer’s defense and wrote,

“Shakira did nothing wrong.”

The prosecution has requested an eight-year prison sentence and a fine of 24 million euros if Shakira is found guilty.

However, the Anytime anywhere The singer alleged that she was not living in the country during the aforementioned period. The singer’s rep has told sources that she has never failed to pay her taxes and that the pending case against her is “a complete violation of her rights”. They also added:

“The singer is fully convinced of her innocence and therefore does not agree to a settlement.”

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Netizens react to Shakira’s possible incarceration if found guilty

The interpreter’s followers were shocked by the latest revelations. Many have found it hard to believe that the hips don’t lie singer refused to pay taxes. Several memes of the sensational jailed superstar have surfaced online. Netizens could not believe that a celebrity like her would be imprisoned.

Internet users flooded Twitter with memes. Some hilarious tweets read:

@AFP give her a queen’s pardon now!

@AFP Hips don’t lie. But I guess his accountant knows that. 👀💯🙈

What the hell is going on in celebland. Shakira, Shakira is going to jail??? 8 YEARS??? #Shakira

Shakira has been threatened with eight years in prison for tax evasion. That’s enough news for one day 😂

@AFP Because she is no longer stung, his wife?

@AFP Whereas in America, not only would that not get her jailed, but it would probably get her elected president!

Many people have offered their support to the singer. Their messages on Twitter read as follows:

the Spanish colonizers trying to steal my Colombian queen’s money will never succeed. Shakira will win this tax case.

@victorsojo I’m here for our anti-colonialist queen who avoids Spanish taxes and has a photo representing all the research on a good day: SHAKIRA

@AFP They’re just mad that Shakira rejected their deal and takes the case to court, where they lose 50% of the tax cases. They can keep crying

@Phil_Lewis_ Spain regularly tries to scam celebrities out of their taxes. Their tax agencies are corrupt. Like eating the rich or whatever, but this country loves to rip off foreign celebrities and Miss Shakira is pissed about it and told them to pound sand.

If Shakira said she didn’t evade the tax, that means she didn’t. She is a smart girl with 140 iq. She definitely knows what she’s doing.

Brother Im Gonna Riot The Streets…If Donald Trump Ain’t In Jail For Tax Evasion No One Should Go #Shakira…

Is it possible Shakira will go to jail?

Carlos Cruzado has revealed he was surprised the musician rejected the deal offered by the Barcelona prosecutor’s office and risked being put on trial which could land her in jail. Although the musician has currently declined the settlement, the federal agent shared that the singer is likely to reach a settlement that will keep her out of jail.

Cruzado claimed the singer could face up to six years behind bars if she doesn’t win the case. He said:

“It is very likely that before the trial she will reach an agreement, since most of her tax offenses are aggravated and with sentences of up to six years in prison for each of the offenses.”

Cruzado also said that “it’s very likely that she could end up in trouble” if she doesn’t cooperate with prosecutors.

Sources say the prosecution has plenty of evidence against the singer. The Barcelona Provincial Court would also have detected “signs of a crime and the need to prosecute it”.

The only factor preventing her from being imprisoned is whether she actually paid the amount demanded by the tax authorities.

Reuters revealed that although Shakira’s representatives claimed she was not in debt, the singer shared that she had paid 17.2 million euros to the Spanish tax authorities. The singer added that the aforementioned amount was the only outstanding amount she was asked for.

The singer’s trial date has not yet been set.

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