Ten compete to fill the seat of Mukilteo city council

MUKILTEO, Washington, January 2, 2022 – Ten residents submitted nominations for the seat of Post 7 of Mukilteo City Council which was vacated by City Council member Joe Marine, who successfully won his bid for mayor succeeding Jennifer Gregerson.

According to Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC), council members “constitute a legislative body empowered by the state constitution and state law to pass local laws”.

Unlike county offices, all elected city offices are non-partisan, as city council members are required to make political decisions and enact laws on behalf of the residents they have sworn to serve, not a political party.

Through RCW 42.12.070, the municipal council has the power to appoint a qualified person to fill the vacant position. Once appointed, the successful candidate will immediately assume the position of Council Member at Position 7 for a term that will end after the certification of the November 7, 2023 election.

Through RCW 35A.12.030, to be eligible to fill the vacant position, a candidate must be over the age of 18 and be a registered voter of the town of Mukilteo at the time the application is submitted to the municipal clerk. Also, a must have been a resident of Mukilteo for at least one year prior to appointment.

Candidates’ interviews with current city council members are expected to take place in January at an open public meeting. The interviews will be followed by a Board discussion and a likely vote that evening for the nomination.

The proposed appointment process will be agreed at the business meeting tomorrow. Below is the schedule according to the proposed schedule:

  • January 3: Approve the proposed process
  • January 10: finalize seven questions for candidates
  • January 18: 2-minute presentation by the candidates and final selection of the candidates to be interviewed
  • January 24: last round of interviews and nomination vote
  • February 7: Oath of office

Below are the 10 candidates running to be the next Mukilteo City Council member, they are (in no particular order):

Kevin Stoltz

  • Supports outdoor meals
  • Supports the requirement of proof of vaccination to enter city facilities
  • Supportive vaccination evidence for restaurants based on the King County model
  • Wishes to expand the “citizen patrol” volunteer program
  • Supports a voluntary nighttime curfew for Paine Field Airport

Residence: 38 years old

Career / Background: Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering. Current President of CompuPlus. Past Experience: Former President of Personal Locator Beacons Rentals, Race Car Data Analyst, author of several books and former Boeing employee.

Political experience: 8 years old, former municipal councilor. Last race in 2021 without success.

Public Service: Mukilteo Ferry Advisory Committee, Mukilteo Waterfront Master Plan Advisory Sub-Committee, Waterfront Wednesdays

Carolyn Carlson

  • Advocate of the community center for the elderly
  • Supports the granting of the Rosehill Community Center
  • Encourages volunteer programs
  • Supports first responders

Residence: 21.75 years

Career / Background: Currently retired with 37 years in the United States Postal Service, including 26 years in management supervising over 60 employees.

Political experience: Ran for the office several times without success. Last race in 2021.

Public Service: Served on the Rosehill Board of Directors, the Parks and Arts Commission, and currently the Lighthouse Festival Historical Commission and Board of Directors. Former president of the community garden of Mukilteo, current president of the association of elders Mukilteo and Mukilteo Kiwanis. Member of the Ferry Advisory Board and received the Citizen of the Year Award 2020.

Donald saul

  • Establishment of objectives for the overall city plan
  • Support center for the elderly
  • Supports Park-n-Ride
  • Supports scenic places to rest and relax
  • Supports first responders
  • Supports increasing IT infrastructure
  • Supports local businesses
  • Supports annexation east of Speedway

Residence: 12.5 years

Career / Background: Founder and Senior Pastor, Jericho Bridge Church where he oversees staff development; and performs pastoral work, preaching and teaching, visioning and goal setting, budgeting and financial reporting, and statute development. Former IT manager.

Political experience: Reached the last round of the last nomination process of Mukilteo City Council in 2020.

Public Service: Volunteer efforts include: Mukilteo Community Orchestra, Mukilteo Foodbank, Mukilteo Walking Tour, Washington State Emergency Worker, Carpe Discus Ultimate Frisbee, The Everett Clinic, Hope Soldiers Suicide Awareness, Mukilteo Historical Society, Stolen Bike Snohomish County, and the Purpose Website non-profit 10 organizations.

Profile picture of Joleen Sims

Joleen sims

  • Launch of a presentation text “GratiTuesday” to highlight local businesses

Residence: 1.5 years

Career / Background: Delta Dental of Washington Associate with Mid-Market Client Relationships. Currently licensed as a Mixologist and Food Handler, WA State Insurance Producer, Ordained Minister, and Certified Life Coach.

Political experience: Nothing.

Public Service: Regularly cleans beaches. In the past, volunteered in King County to remove graffiti. Volunteer as a youth football coach at Mountlake Terrace.

Sharon swann

  • Support the Mukilteo Chamber and local businesses
  • Advocacy for Mukilteo Trade
  • Supports public safety
  • Supports a wide range of housing options for all income levels
  • Supports data-driven decision making

Residence: 28 years

Career / Background: Engineering Manager at World Wide Technology.

Political experience: Nothing.

Public Service: Acres of Diamonds – Women’s Shelter, Seattle Gospel Mission, Toys for Tots, Engagement Advocate Representative for West Coast Regions.

Ashvin Sanghvi

  • Advocate for land use and manage growth pressures without affecting quality of life
  • Supports the revitalization of Rosehill as a community center
  • Promotes multicultural enrichment
  • Supports first responders
  • Supports IT infrastructure improvements
  • Supports youth programs

Residence: 1.25 years

Career / Background: 40 years of software development and management experience with companies such as Microsoft, Amdahl and Auspex. Inventor of more than 60 patents and launched more than 5 products at Microsoft.

Political experience: Nothing.

Public Service: Coaching and mentoring of new engineers in the United States, India, China and Germany. Volunteer for a women’s volleyball team and organizer of the annual Friends of Sammamish group on July 4th.

Ted Wheeler appointed President of Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival - Mukilteo Beacon

Theodore (Ted) Wheeler

  • Supports annexation of county lands
  • Believes that housing and land use planning are a major concern

Residence: 21 years old

Career / Background: Semi-retired with over 30 years in construction management. Owner of HCI Steel Buildings LLC.

Political experience: 4 years, Mukilteo City Council 2015-2019.

Public Service: Parks and Arts Council 2012-2015, Mukilteo Light House Festival 2011-2019

Profile picture of Jason Moon

Jason moon

  • Supports data-driven decision making
  • Promotes multicultural enrichment
  • Supports first responders
  • Supports a city-library-school district partnership

Residence: 5 years

Career / Background: Account Manager Customer Success at Microsoft.

Political experience: Nothing.

Public Service: Chairman of the Diversity, Equity and Diversity Commission – February 2021 – today, Marketing Director for the Asian Affinity Group (15,000 members) at Amazon – December 2019 – November 2021, graduate of the ” Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department Citizens Academy – November 2021, Seattle Community Church Active Elder (PCUSA) – 1/2020 – Present and YMCA Board Member (Ongoing)

Peter Zieve

  • Opposing the Mukilteo Housing Action Plan which was rejected by 81.85% of voters in 2021
  • Advocate for sports and youth programs
  • Advocate for the alignment of council policies to reflect those of Mukilteo voters

Residence: 14 years old

Career / Background: CEO of Electroimpact

Political experience: Ran for the office several times without success. Last race in 2021.

Public Service: Founder of Preserve Mukilteo, contributor to the Mukilteo Boys and Girls Club, and after-school programs for children – eg SolidWorks and 3D printing.

Alex Croco

  • The main problem is the development of the overall plan
  • Advocate for infrastructure improvements to current growth
  • Advocate for an integrated waterfront plan with the people of Mukilteo, First Nations and the Port of Everett.

Residence: 12 years

Career / Background: Currently Senior Manufacturing Manager & Business Operations Manager at Boeing. Currently holds certifications in process improvement, an MBA in production, operations management and logistics and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Political experience: Ran for the office without success in 2021.

Public Service: St Hilda St Patrick’s Episcopal Committee – 4 years, Chairman of the Stewardship of St Hilda St Patrick – 5 years, and regular donor to the Mukilteo Food Bank.

James C. Tibbs