The Boys fans rave about Antony Starr’s Homelander after unforgettable episode 6

The boys fans had a blast this weekend as the highly anticipated Herogasm episode aired Friday. The controversial episode follows the titular gang infiltrating what appears to be a superhero party but turns out to be an orgy. The highlight of the episode was Antony Starr’s sensational performance as Homelander. Many fans have proclaimed that Homelander is the best villain on television right now.

Homelander is the best villain on TV right now. Anthony Starr continues to excel in his career defining role and I find it impossible to look away every time he appears on screen

Starr gained a huge following after his performance as Homelander. Audiences and critics praised her brilliant portrayal of the character. Read further and check out the reactions to the new episode on Twitter.

The boys fans in love with Antony Starr’s performance as Homelander in the superb Herogasm episode

Several fans took to Twitter to congratulate actor Antony Starr on his memorable performance as Homelander in the controversial sixth episode of The boys season 3, titled Herogasm. Take a look at some of the reactions on Twitter:

Homelander isn’t just “the villainous Superman”, he’s actually a very complex and interesting villain

Antony Starr’s Homelander is one of the best villain performances of all time

The best thing about Homelander is that he’s not like a Just an Evil or a rip off version of Superman or anything. He’s a real character, a well-written character.

Antony Starr deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of Homelander

#TheBoysTV #Herogasm … Can we talk about how awesome this photo was? Not a single word had to be said to convey Homelander’s feelings. That gaze of oblivion because for the first time he felt he could lose literally gave me chills.

The heroism of the boys episode

One of the most anticipated episodes of the series, Herogasm, caused widespread controversy before its release, thanks to its bold content. Fans on social media have been eagerly awaiting the episode since the fifth episode, titled Last time to watch this world of liesaired June 17, 2022. The episode is based on the comic of the same name, published in 2009. The official synopsis for the episode on Amazon Prime Video reads:

“You’re invited to the 70th Annual Herogasm! You must present this invitation to be admitted! Same rules as always: no cameras, no non-Supe guests unless they sign an NDA and are DTF, and Don’t tell anyone. It’s BYOD, but food, alcohol and lube will be provided! And don’t forget to RSVP so we can get an accurate catering count!”

The episode received widespread critical acclaim, with many critics calling it the best episode of the season. Fans on social media were also thrilled with the episode and the many wild and shocking events that unfolded. The original comic also received high critical acclaim, despite the controversy surrounding it.

Antony Starr as Homelander and his recent works

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Antony Starr’s performance as Homelander in The boys received praise from critics and viewers around the world. Critics praised the actor for his nuanced portrayal of a complex character. Starr excels at bringing out the character’s many eccentricities and craziness while bringing a human touch that elevates the performance to the next level.

Apart from The boysStarr is known for his performance in the famous New Zealand crime series, Outrageous fortune, in which he portrays the twins, Jethro and Van West. For his performance on the show, Starr received critical acclaim and also won numerous awards, including Best Actor for the New Zealand TV Awards in 2005. He also appeared in banshee, After the waterfalland american gothicamong others.

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