The return of the girl ‘Dhak Dhak’ Madhuri Dixit

Former Bollywood superstar and leading lady Madhuri Dixit has had a long and memorable journey in Hindi cinema. And now she’s back on screen with a lifelike portrayal of Anamika Anand in what’s billed as her Netflix “comeback” show, “The Fame Game.” The character is close to Madhuri’s real life – Anamika is a wife, mother and superstar. So what’s so different about Anamika’s life? As Madhuri says, Anamika’s life is very different from mine. His relationship with the people around him is very different from the one I share with my children and my mother.

As one matures and plays different characters, Madhuri feels the pressure automatically lessens because you’re no longer trying to prove anything to anyone. Making a comeback with webcasts was a different adventure for her. She says, “Working in a web show is very different because when you do a feature film, it’s two hours or two and a half hours maximum and you have to play your character quickly through that. And not just the length, the processing is very different too. When you’re doing a series, you can take time to develop a character and not just yourself, but the characters around you who influence you. They have their own stories and you are also aware of their background and they relate to you. So you can create a whole new world that sucks people in.

Madhuri stars as Anamika Anand in her new web series “The Fame Game”

The world Madhuri belongs to is very similar to the character she plays. The show begins with the disappearance of actress Anamika Anand. She is famous and she has a perfect family. Life seems perfect on the outside. But what’s really going on behind the veneer is revealed when one fine day she simply disappears. Talking about making a comeback with a web show, Madhuri says, “The web series format actually gives you time to develop each character and then create this whole atmosphere where people would like to see what happens to that character. But all that has been said and done, what we ultimately do is act. The job doesn’t change much.

Make a comeback with OTT

What interests Madhuri the most is her job, so whether it’s the big screen doesn’t really make a difference to her. She says: “Your home screen, TV, iPad or phone, how people consume content will be up to them and if I’m on the big screen that I’ve been for forty years, that doesn’t not depend. question. I actually don’t differentiate between screens because my job is my job and telling stories is something I love to do and when you’re on the big screen I think the constraints are way more important because that has to be commercially viable and there are so many dictates that come to you that the film has to succeed and all the pressures to make a successful film are very different from what you do when you’re doing something for OTT.

Are Netflix and other OTT platforms more democratic than movies? | Credit: AP Photos

There is no doubt that OTT is a democratic platform. Without box office pressure, artists can tell stories in unique ways and experiment with formats to create beautiful content. “Here on OTT, you can reach so many people, not only in this country, but in about 199 countries. And it will also be dubbed into many different languages. It will also be subtitled. You can tell your stories as you you want and that’s the kind of freedom that the digital platform offers.

OTT introduced audiences and artisans to different cultures and stories from their own hometowns. Madhuri explains that emotion is something universal, whether it’s a Korean drama or a Spanish movie. For the craftsman too, OTT gives enormous exposure as you are introduced to different cultures and filmmaking. “OTT is like a cultural hub and the reach is phenomenal,” adds Madhuri.

Ageism in Bollywood

When it comes to ageism, it’s great to see filmmakers making different kinds of films about women of different ages. Fame Game is about the hard truths that exist in the entertainment industry. The OTT platform definitely breaks the stereotype. “Not just ageism, even women in movies, the roles change completely. The digital platform has brought about this sensibility where an actress is playing a character and not just a lover or a victim. There are different layers to her character “Initially, when films aimed at women were made, it was just a revenge drama. But today, when I look around me, I can see films about a sportswoman, a mathematician and much more. The woman, her role and her achievements are reflected in today’s films. He is a character today and a very important character. Sometimes she’s a career woman, sometimes she’s a housewife with aspirations in life. She is sometimes in a field where she tries to break the glass ceiling. So, there are so many stories to be told about women and now is the perfect time to be part of the film industry.

Fame is not glamorous, fame is dangerous

Madhuri explains that fame can be really dangerous. It’s important, but when it becomes the only thing in your life, it can become a dangerous game. “The path you take to fame is also very important. How you treat fame is a tricky thing, because that’s how fame is going to treat you back. And that’s why that’s ‘Fame Game’ The series beautifully shows how Anamika Anand has this glittering superstar life and one day she disappears into the unknown!

James C. Tibbs