The Slavianski Bazaar celebrates the community of Slavic cultures

VITEBSK, July 14 (BelTA) – The Slavianski Bazaar festival is a solid foundation of international friendship; it highlights and celebrates the community of cultures of Slavic nations, Belarusian Information Minister Vladimir Pertsov told reporters at the opening of the press center of the Slavianski Bazaar International Arts Festival in Vitebsk on July 14, a learned BelTA.

It is important to unite and unite in the face of attempts by foreign countries to nullify the cultural heritage of Slavic countries, especially Russian art. One of these cultural bridges untouched by Western politics is the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk. “The festival is a cultural pillar of our Slavic community. We’re not going to change it to fit new western trends and highlight some weird personalities to suit someone’s aesthetic needs. That’s not who we are. We want to show authentic Slavic culture, music, theater, true values. We will not compromise them to adopt pseudo-tendencies,” the Minister of Information stressed.

According to Vladimir Pertsov, as the pandemic has subsided, it is now possible to visit more outdoor sites of the festival. This is an opportunity for journalists to show how Vitebsk has changed, what the city lives and breathes during the Slavianski Bazaar. The minister himself will attend the opening concert and enjoy the International Children’s Song Contest as a spectator. “I love live shows. It’s one of the few competitions or even the only competition where vocal and performance skills are the main criteria, and that’s worth a lot, especially compared to other festivals that have turned into monster shows where even a foam goose can win. Here in Slavianski Bazaar you get real aesthetic pleasure with artists who enjoy the festival and really want to win the singing competition,” said Vladimir Pertsov.

He will also visit the craft fair to buy souvenirs and gifts for his loved ones. “The fair offers unique things that you won’t find anywhere else, and I really appreciate it,” noted the minister.

James C. Tibbs