The varsity t-shirt is a spring home run

When it comes to polarizing pieces that confront the opposite sex, the main offenders in my wardrobe are surprising. Two Junya Watanabe T-shirts, one red, one navy, both varsity-inspired, featuring the crests of two fictional sports clubs. The offending part? They both feature subtle shoulder pads, which means when left to dry after washing, they do so slower than anything else. When my boyfriend is on chores – in his meditative bending phase, determined to make sure a whole clean wash cycle gets into our cabinets at once – he will often question, desperately, the necessity of the inner workings of my team. your. “Obviously the shoulder pads are subtle symbols of American football jersey protective gear,” I retort, rolling my eyes.

90s knockout Rachel Green had an enviable collection of college t-shirts.


Rachel looks exceptionally fall/winter 2022.


My obsession with the varsity t-shirt – sporting a fictitious team number, collegiate motif or satirical slogan and accented with stripes or v-neck detailing – also started at home, a very satisfying distance from my school gym, constantly watching Friends reruns in adolescence. Cue Rachel Green, pure ’90s knockout, in a variety of varsity-inspired pieces: Knicks basketball sweaters, boxing club tees paired with long-sleeve layers and a backwards cap, mixed numbered jerseys and an ever-attractive baseball t-shirt, featuring the club’s fictitious name “Girls”. The only other style icon who could rival Rachel’s soft spot for sports clubs? Princess Diana famous fan in a varsity sweatshirt or American football varsity jacket.

Luckily for my wardrobe – less so for future domestic bliss – the varsity tee became a winning piece on the Fall/Winter 2022 catwalks, where brands such as Givenchy and Off-White served up spliced, cut-in shapes. dice and shortened, sporting collegiate colors and gothic typography. Matthew Williams of Givenchy was inspired by the codes of luxury sportswear that defined his own creative journey and those of his predecessor at the French house, Riccardo Tisci. The brand’s current Spring/Summer 2022 collection includes a basketball-meets-jack-o-lantern bag designed by New York-based artist Josh Smith, and for Fall/Winter 2022, crudely varsity tees. sheared, embroidered with the “Givenchy” brand and star motifs.

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