‘They buy me about 10-15 suits and the bill was about $25,000’: Charles Barkley recalls Dr J and Moses Malone taking him shopping

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has revealed how Julius Erving (Dr J) and Moses Malone gave him advice on behaving like a superstar, including taking him shopping.

Appearing weekly on national television, Charles Barkley was not a fan of formal wear when he first entered the league. The Alabama native preferred his warm-up suits and casual hobbies to sharp blazers, a habit that had to be changed given his superstar status.

It’s no secret that Sixers veterans Julius Erving and Moses Malone played crucial roles in Barkley’s early years in the league. The Chuckster even referred to Malone as his father, calling him the most influential force of his career.

Drafted as the 5th pick in the iconic 1984 NBA draft, Barkley was a superstar in the making. Although he took giant steps to avoid being selected by the Sixers, Chuck would begin his career in Philadelphia, where an aging Dr. J and Malone would take him under their wings.

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The iconic duo not only helped Barkley’s game on the pitch, but also honed his persona by being in the public eye.

Dr. J and Moses Malone took Charles Barkley on a $25,000 shopping spree.

Today, pre-game tunnel walks have become an essential part of every NBA athlete’s regimen. With each superstar looking to outdo themselves in their fashion game, something unheard of in previous eras. While some athletes impress, others make you cringe.

Although not well received by all sections of society, former MVP Allen Iverson brought what we now call swag and drip to the league. Unfortunately, AI’s streetwear and hip hop outfits didn’t impress former commissioner David Stern, who introduced a dress code for players.

While there’s no denying The Answer was a cultural icon, the fashion game also existed among gamers in the 80s and 90s. During an appearance on Jackie MacMullan’s podcast, Barkley recounted an incident about how former teammates Dr. J and Moses Malone had cost him a bill worth $25,000.

“They say, ‘We’re taking you shopping,'” Barkley recalled. “They took me to the Boards store. And I spent about $25,000. I was like, ‘Are you all crazy?’ Because I’ve never made money in my life. They buy me about 10-15 suits and the bill was about $25,000. When I got the bill, I was like, ‘Man, you’re all crazy.’ And I remember calling my agent, my mom, and my grandma, “I spent $25,000 today, y’all.” And my grandmother says, ‘I’ve never made so much money in my life.’ And it was so funny, but they were right. It’s professional basketball, you can’t walk around in a sweat,” Barkley told MacMullan.

Dr. J and Malone helped transform a Barkley rookie into a grown man, playing a crucial role in shaping the eleven-time All-Star’s personality and making him one of the league’s top superstars.

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