To see the past and the present through the millennia, cultural and tourist innovation drives new forms of consumption

Xian, China, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Throughout Chang’an’s millennia of history and prosperous times, the deep cultural accumulation rooted in Xi’an, China, is a precious historical treasure of this ancient city. During the last years, Xi’an has been striving to transform its cultural resources into a fashionable “cultural tourism IP” based on “Tang cultural elements” and modern technology, and bring historical and cultural heritage to life in a modern context. Recently, the municipal party committee and the municipal government of Xi’an held a meeting and proposed to make good use of historical and cultural heritage, promote the deep integration of cultural industry and tourism industry , to do Xi’an a showcase of Chinese culture and civilization.


“Noble women” and “ladies”, “literates” and “warriors”, reciting poems in the streets and imitating songs and dances of the Tang dynasty, and the moving love story performed by “gifted scholars and beautiful ladies of the Tang Dynasty”, etc., this is a Tang-style city life district, derived from a historical television drama, The Longest Day in Chang’an. Tang dynasty clothing can be seen everywhere, and with the help of “sound, light and electricity” technology, it’s like stepping into a “feast of time and space” intertwined with literature, history , folklore and food. Through the integration of film and television intellectual property and commercial intellectual property, every visitor can realize the transformation from “looking at the room” to “entering the room” by entering “The Longest Day in Chang’an”, which takes people “back to the Tang dynasty in a second”. The immersive experience satisfies people’s new demand to experience Tang culture and becomes a new point of contact to promote your integration of culture, tourism and business.

In addition, relying on the “Tang cultural elements” to successfully build a cultural tourism scenic spot, there is also the famous ever-bright city of the Great Tang Dynasty. It not only launched commercial activities such as “Tang Food Corner”, “Tang Souvenir Corner” and “Tang Amusement Area”, but also launched a number of immersive performances in the sense of “interaction + experience”, created a certain number of cultural tourism recognizable properties and developed the charm of “Tang culture” in an innovative way.

Over fourteen hundred years ago, Xi’an was known worldwide as Chang’an. It was the first city in the world of one million inhabitants, including about 100,000 envoys, merchants, foreign students and monks from other countries, so from Xi’an image of openness and inclusiveness was also known around the world.

Despite the challenges of the epidemic, the ancient capital with a thousand-year-old history is still breathing new vitality, driven by new leisure models such as market blocks, heritage exhibitions and immersive experiences. The long cultural history has given vitality and resilience to the growth of consumption, with “Tang Dynasty character mystery boxes”, “ice creams made of images of popular landmarks such as the Terracotta Warriors and the Wall of the city”, and “7 million Internet users who watch the Xi’an drum music stream”, etc. All kinds of new consumption methods have become the driving force behind the modernization of cultural tourism consumption. Xi’an accelerates the integration of cultural resources and makes history and culture the engine of development and innovation of this ancient city.

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Caption: A Tang-style city life district, derived from a historical television drama, The Longest Day in Chang’an.

SOURCE Xi’an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government

James C. Tibbs