Tourism potential of Maramuni | PNG Loop

He discovered that the people of Maramuni face many challenges in accessing basic services due to remoteness. “I knew I had to come to Maramuni. People had lived here since before the country gained independence and they were isolated and separated by the geography, environment and nature in which they lived.

The news of pregnant women traveling miles with sick children only to suffer a loss on their journey leaves a lot of emotions and more when they buried their dead with a stone placed on their grave.

However, the celebration of the opening of the road and the launch of the highway brings positive changes for Maramuni.

Minister Leonard encouraged people. “Today you have all witnessed the demonstration of a good leader that you already have in the person of Dr. Lino Tom. Leaders are very hard to find these days and that is the truth. You have a road and only visionary leaders can give it to you, because a road inside Maramuni, opens your isolation, removes your challenges, creates opportunities in schools and health services.There are many opportunities for everyone to among yourselves, wherever you are, for business, agriculture and also the ministry that I represent in tourism.

He saw potential for tourism and cultural spectacles and environmental programs in their traditional dress, dancing, and geography of cascading waterfalls and cloud-covered mountain peaks that depicted a panoramic view that the not found in many other places.
“I am the Minister of Tourism and I want to work with you with my agency, the Tourism Promotion Authority and the National Cultural Commission, to promote and create cultural and tourism initiatives in Maramuni.

This year, under the government led by Marape, a budget of K20 million was given to TPA. Minister Leonard encouraged the people of Maramuni to collaborate with his ministry so that they too can benefit from this budget and develop Maramuni through tourism and cultural performances.

James C. Tibbs