Two new exhibitions are set to open at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen

GLEN ALLEN, Va. (WRIC) – Two new exhibits are opening at Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allenand art lovers can delve into the masterpieces at Art Night on Thursday evenings.

“It’s opening night for our gallery,” Lauren Hall, Visual Arts Manager at the Cultural Arts Center told 8News.

“We have two exhibitions that we will be showing, “Opening Minds Through Art” in our Gumenick gallery and “Untethered” in the Slantwall gallery.”

“Untethered” features a collection of bird paintings by Virginia artist Amy Paquette.

“Amy lived in the city for about 15 years in New York and Los Angeles, and when she moved to Virginia she reconnected with the outdoors and especially the birds,” Hall said. “So all of her art is centered around the birds that she would photograph on her walks.”

“Opening Minds Through Art” features the work of adults with dementia who are able to get creative with a paintbrush.

“They create art with a one-on-one volunteer,” Hall explained. “It’s just a fun time for them to use their imaginations and have fun and paint. There is a lot of paint and glitter in all of their colorful works.”

Art Night is 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, November 17. Free entry. That evening, visitors can enjoy live music and drinks for sale, and have the chance to meet the artists behind the works. All proceeds will go to outreach programs at the Cultural Center for the Arts.

Hall says the center also has vacation plans in store.

“On December 3, we have our big tree lighting event,” she said. “It coincides with our tree exhibit – different themed Christmas trees in the lobby.”

James C. Tibbs