U of A International Cultural Team recognizes members at awards ceremony

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The University of Arkansas International Culture Team held its annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony on April 23 at Millar Lodge at Mount Sequoia Retreat Center, where international students were recognized for their work in course of the school year.

“It was a special evening honoring and recognizing 50 undergraduate and graduate students from 28 countries,” said Cynthia Smith, International Culture Team Organizer and Deputy Director of Outreach for the Office of Students and Scholars. U of A internationals. “These dynamic members helped bring the world to campus and the community this school year through cultural presentations, demonstrations, and performances.”

Team members have given more than 500 presentations at school festivals, campus and community events in Northwest Arkansas. Indonesia was named Country of the Year in recognition of the commitment, enthusiasm and leadership of Indonesian students during this academic year.

Here is the list of the recipients of the special prizes and scholarships awarded during the event:

  • ICT Outstanding Member Scholarship Recipient: Eva Stephani Caroline
  • ICT Outstanding New Member Scholarship: Luciana Rojas Iriarte
  • ICT Spirit Award: Firuze Soltani
  • Governor’s Arkansas Traveler’s Award: Abigeal Omolewu, Abril Nina, Ali Meesum, Alvaro Medina, Anatolii Nezgoduk, Andi Asnayanti, Andrea Sierra Mejia, Arineeta Deb, Astrid Gonzalez Moreno, Chengyue Pan, Chuan Yaw Lim, Daphine Akot, Dodi Zain, Dorcas Akorlor, Duru Erkan, Elaine Batista , Elisangela Pereira De Brito, Elizabeth Gamboa, Eva Stephani Caroline, Firuze Soltani, Francia Ravelombola, Gamuchirai Kamwenje, Hyejung Jung, Iana Ruheta Wase, JiWon Yu, Julio Morales Lara, Kisa Matsubara, Luciana Rojas Iriarte, Maggie McLemore, Maria Fernanda Mayorga Echeverria , Maria Jose Omodeo, Mark Michaelis, Motolani Matthew, Nasser Alnasser, Nghi Ngo, Obed Johnson, Ryan Moh, Sandra Decaigny, Shantal Sarmiento, Shemsa Ndahiro Iribagiza, Shivani Merchant, Shu Wen Yeong, Suellen Ayala, Sullany Ayala Rojas, Trang Do, Tucker Onishi, Ugochi Isu, Vitali Maldonado, Walkiris Mejia Ortega
  • ICT Scholarship Recipients: Firuze Soltani, Nghi (Sally) Ngo, Astrid Gonzalez Moreno, Shivani Merchant, Trang Do, Julio Morales Lara, Maria Fernanda Mayorga Echeverria, Daphine Akot, Andrea Sierra, Elisangela Pereira de Brito, Arineeta Deb, Uyen Thi My Ho, Vitali Maldonado, Dorcas Akorlor, France Ravelombola

Two members, Uyen Thi My Ho and Alfredo Perez Ramirez, received the certificate of completion of ICT training, along with 30 other previously recognized individuals. Caitleen Petit and Adedolapo Ogungbire received the International Culture Team Award for presenting once per semester. In total, more than 150 presenters participated in the team this academic year.

About the International Culture Team: The International Culture Team is a group of international students, scholars and friends eager to share their cultures through presentations, cuisine, exhibitions, clothing and performances. The goal of the International Culture Team is to bring the world to our campus and our community and to develop a community that seeks to learn from each other. If you would like members of this team to visit your classroom, present at a college or community event, contact Cynthia Smith at ict@uark.edu or 479-575-6665

James C. Tibbs