UAE: Learn to program a robot at SIBF 2022 – News

A ‘sumo’ robot workshop is one of the many exciting activities on offer at the fair this year, along with cookouts, children’s programs and cultural performances.

Published: Sun 6 Nov 2022, 4:21 PM

Battle lines were drawn in Hall 7 of the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair during the Sumo Robot workshop. Combining learning with competition, the workshop taught attendees how to create robots using Lego pieces, connect them with coded sensors, bring their “Sumo” models to the ring, and see who emerges as “Yokozuna, the Great champion”.

Focused on coding and building, the one-hour workshop for teens and adults is as much about building robots as teaching participants how to program them. To make their robots stronger, each team must program the main processor, sensor, and motors.

“There is a black line on the corner of the table; participants must add a color sensor so that whenever the robot sees the black color, it must turn to avoid falling off the table,” says Yazan Dardas, Computer Engineer, Fun Robotics. “Robots must also attack other robots; That’s the point. The falling robot will lose the game.”

“The more complex the programming, the more powerful the robot. And there’s only one who wins the match,” Yazan said, adding, “It’s not really a competition, but it’s a lot of fun.

From thought-provoking workshops to children’s programs, cultural shows and cuisines, and a host of exciting and imaginative activities, there’s something for everyone at SIBF 2022, which runs until November 13 at the Expo Center Sharjah.


James C. Tibbs