Vomedh hosts ‘Pagah youth connect’ music event at Tagore Hall

Srinagar, July 07: Vomedh held a music event “Pagah youth connect” at Tagore Hall Srinagar on Thursday as part of his famous project called “Pagah” to connect with youth.

The event was well attended by a cross section of young people and witnessed fascinating singing and dancing performances by promising and talented young artists.

Prof. Fayaz Ahmad Nika, Head of Finance and Registrar of Central University of Kashmir was the guest of honor on the occasion. Sanjay Saraf, a well-known socio-political leader and advisor to Jammu Film Festival was the guest of honour.

On this occasion, Professor Fayaz Ahmad Nika, the main guest applauded the efforts of Vomedh.

“He called on young people to connect with such initiatives to preserve their culture and language. Language and culture give everyone an identity and a sense of belonging and therefore young people should not forget their roots, he added.

“He also distributed the awards and certificates to the participants”

The program began with the congratulations of the guests followed by the welcome speech of President Vomedh Rohit Bhat. “The Pagah project took off as a Kashmiri language promotion initiative earlier this year and has been very well received.

Without the commitment and participation of young people, any language or culture initiative cannot succeed, said Rohit Bhat, president of Vomedh.

“Pagah Youth Connect will be a series of events that primarily connect and engage young people. The events will be around music, dance and entertainment. However, the main focus will be spreading the love for the Kashmiri language and culture. All participants taking part in this event are from Srinagar

Moreover, the focus will be to give a platform to emerging and promising artists and the language will be Kashmir,” he also added.

The deckhouse performances were attended by two talented. There was a solo dance performance by Alia and Mehar who are also from Srinagar.

Sanjay Saraf also applauded Vomedh for his initiatives through J&K. “Vomedh is a 14-year-old leading cultural organization from J&K. She has hundreds of theater performances, dozens of cultural events and the feat of organizing the Jammu Film Festival to her credit. I think the Youth Connect program is an indispensable platform and I commend Vomedh for this initiative,” he said.

He also promised that the best performer of this event will perform at the prestigious Jammu Film Festival to be held in Jammu in September this year.

James C. Tibbs