Wayland Cultural Council Announces New Painted Utility Boxes at Wayland – WaylandeNews

The Wayland Cultural Council is delighted to present our first two painted utility boxes. If you haven’t seen them, watch when you get the chance! The COE sponsored two artists to paint the boxes with funds from the Ma Cultural Council. The theme was to reflect the nature, beautiful green spaces and wildlife of our region.

Bryan Clocker, a Maynard printmaker and illustrator, painted the beautiful birds in the swamp at the corner of East Plain Street and RT 27 by Fire Station 2. Bryan is an active member of the W Gallery in Wayland.

Nayda Cuevas, an artist from Arlington painted the “Madre Gaia” a design to contemplate on Mother Earth, along the railroad near the library. The female figure is inspired by the Taino Indians from the island of Puerto Rico. Madre Gaia aims to remind the viewer that nature and human frailty are not separate.

The Wayland Cultural Council’s mission is to award public funds to individuals and organizations that support cultural projects that benefit the community. The WCC is a municipal committee made up of volunteer members appointed by the select council.

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We hope you enjoy viewing the art and we look forward to bringing cultural projects of all types to Wayland.

James C. Tibbs