‘Wendy Williams Show’ fans outraged as show’s online presence wiped

Fans were sad enough that The Wendy Williams Show ended last month, but now they are devastated to see his social media presence disappear. On Monday, the talk show’s entire YouTube channel disappeared along with its Facebook page, taking 13 years of clips with it. Fans on social media are shocked and horrified by this development.

Wendy Williams herself has been off the air for over two years now, dealing with medical issues and working on her personal health. Fans knew for most of Season 13 that this would be the show’s final season and that one of the guest hosts would take over the timeslot for themselves in the fall of 2022. Still, fans are furious that the producers were so quick. to remove the show’s Internet presence. They wondered if snippets of other canceled talk shows would be removed from the internet so quickly.

The Wendy Williams Show The website was also taken down, leaving no easily accessible record of Williams’ time on television. Some fans have gone so far as to appeal to the Library of Congress to preserve old episodes of Williams. Here’s a look at what they’re saying on social media.


Many fans were taken aback by this disappearance more than anything else. They couldn’t imagine any costs associated with the YouTube channel — in fact, fans imagined it took more work to remove those videos than to leave them.

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Some fans have speculated about Williams’ living situation after his drug treatment. Many believed that major decisions about her career were made by a court-appointed conservatorship or conservatorship, much like the situation Britney Spears found herself in until recently. Back in February Variety flagged the possibility, but it’s unclear if the court ever acted on it.

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Some viewers speculated about the deletion and offered reasonable guesses, but none have been confirmed so far. Due to the complexity of intellectual property rights laws, it is impossible to say with certainty who benefits from this decision and who does not.

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Reaction Memes

Fans went beyond the written word to express their distress over the decision, sharing videos and images that depicted their mental state upon seeing that Williams’ show had been taken down from the internet.

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Fans called on the highest cultural preservation authorities to intervene on Williams’ behalf. Some have made hyperbolic comparisons between Williams’ show and other lost treasures of knowledge.

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In the words of Williams

Finally, fans shared their favorite clips and reaction memes from The Wendy Williams Show to perfectly sum up their feelings. As of this writing, the studios have yet to comment on the change to Williams’ online catalog.


James C. Tibbs