WF Alliance for Arts and Culture to Host Inaugural Awards Ceremony

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – The Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture announces its first-ever awards ceremony.

They are asking the community to nominate artists, arts leaders, businesses, organizations and individuals who support the development of arts and culture in Wichita County.

“I am continually impressed with the quality and variety of arts and culture that exists in Wichita Falls,” said Mary Ferguson, President of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture. “We are proud to launch the ACE Awards this year to recognize the leaders and unsung heroes of our arts community; people and organizations that have a daily impact on the quality of life of our citizens. I encourage you to nominate those who support, create and expand the vision and mission of “arts for all”.

“The Arts and Cultural Empowerment Awards affirm the value of the arts as a source of creativity and innovation that benefits all Wichita County residents,” said Ann Arnold-Ogden, executive director of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts. and Culture. “We look forward to honoring the hard work, dedication and inherent creativity of our arts and business community.”

Various prizes will be awarded in the fall. To submit an application, Click here.

“Not only does the arts make it a more vibrant place to live, but it also attracts visitors who spend money here to support local businesses. said Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santellana. “It is essential that we recognize and elevate the contribution of the arts in our communities. »

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James C. Tibbs