Why do fans call Kyle Dickard “boring”?

Bravo’s new show, Adventure under the bridgepremiered on Tuesday, featuring nine cast members on the yacht Mercury.

Crew members included Captain Kerry Titheradge, Chef Jessica Condy, Chief Stew Faye Clarke, Stews Kasie Faddah and Oriana Schneps, Bosun Lewis Lupton and her deckhands Kyle Dickard, Michael Gilman and Nathan Morley.

While fans praised the first episode, they found dekchand Kyle Dickard “boring”. The Texas-born was seen as being rude to his colleagues and not effectively following orders from his superiors.

Kyle brought a typical cowboy attitude with a know-it-all personality, which angered his co-stars. In the first episode itself, he locked horns with his deckhand Nathan.

Fans Criticize Kyle Dickard After Watching Episode 1

Viewers didn’t like Kyle Dickard’s attitude in Adventure under the bridge Season 1 Episode 1. He was seen making inappropriate comments and abusing his colleague.

In the last episode, Kyle was the only crew member to annoy Captain Kerry on the first day. As the captain moved the yacht off the dock, Kyle blocked his view with a fender. Kerry complained the same to Bosun Lewis Lupton.

Meanwhile, fans confessed on Twitter that they found Kyle “boring” minutes after watching Adventure under the bridge Season 1 Episode 1.

Take a look at the fan reaction:

Kyle already feels like he’s gonna piss me off like all the Bravo Kyles before him #adventureunderthebridge

I feel embarrassed that Kyle is an American. He is so arrogant, ignorant and obnoxious!#BelowDeckAdventure

I don’t need to see Kyle anymore, wtf is wrong with Bravo and the Kyle is unbearable? ! #BelowDeckAdventure

Adventure under the bridge Season 1 premiere recap

The first episode of Bravo’s Adventure under the bridge Season 1 starts on a high note. It featured the cast presentation and how they effectively managed to clean the yacht before their first guests arrived.

When the crew members entered the yacht, it was a mess and things were all over the place. The team was shocked to see the condition of the boat, in which it was left by the previous crew. The Adventure under the bridge the cast didn’t give up and turned the messy yacht into a luxurious stay for guests.

Before the charter guests arrived, one of the stews, Oriana Schneps, fell ill. This left the interior team with just two staff members. Although they managed to provide excellent service to their guests, the deck crew were later seen helping the interior crew with housekeeping. Chef Jessica aka Jess had a little trouble getting settled in, but didn’t take long to whip up some delicious food.

Apart from all the good things that happened Adventure under the bridge premiere, it also included drama. Kyle was the culmination of the dramatic situation, which led him to urge Nathan to do his job. This angered Nathan, and the two had a heated conversation in the captain’s cabin while he was at anchor.

The official synopsis of Adventure under the bridge Season 1 Episode 1, titled “The temperature is rising,” Lily:

“Captain Kerry takes ‘Below Deck’ on his greatest adventure yet: the cold waters of Norway! Faye joins the Mercury motor yacht as chief stew with experience from around the world as a former businesswoman, but when she finds out her team of stews know each other, she becomes concerned about how their past will serve the interior.

He further stated:

“Chef Jess has a big appetite for wanderlust and adventure, but Norway’s remote conditions limit her sourcing options as she assesses storage issues on the boat as well as her new stew in chief. Bosun Lewis is thrilled with his new opportunity to lead a team with kindness, but fears his aversion to conflict will soon be tested. When it’s time for Nathan to hand over his duties as anchor watch to deckhand Kyle, tensions rise and Kyle’s cowboy ways leave Nathan wondering if he’ll pull himself together or shut up.

Next week on Bravo, charter guests will continue to enjoy their time on the yacht, while Stew Chef Faye and Chef Jess lock the horns.

Adventure under the bridge Season 1 airs new episodes every Tuesday on Bravo at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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