Why Mass Effect 4 May Not Feature Many Returning Milky Way Companions

Despite the exalted place that Mass Effect busy for many RPG fans, some might have feared BioWare’s beloved franchise was dead after Mass Effect: Andromeda failed to achieve the same commercial and critical success as its predecessors. It seemed that the momentum of the Mass Effect the franchise had stalled, so fans were relieved by confirmation that BioWare was working on Mass Effect 4. Although it will be a few years before gamers actually get their hands on the upcoming title, the knowledge that development is underway was enough to spark fan speculation.


We don’t know much about Mass Effect 4, and it doesn’t look like fans will have their questions answered anytime soon. Although a trailer and some initial images have been released, there are still a lot of unknowns, such as what galaxy the next game will be set in, who the main protagonist will be, or even Mass Effect 4is the new threat now that the Reapers have been eliminated. There’s a lot of unknowns, but thanks to some fan theories, some carefully analyzed footage, and some cryptic commentary from the dev team, it looks like thin folks will be seeing plenty of characters return in Mass Effect 4.

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The State of the Milky Way after Mass Effect 3

It looks like BioWare is making the Destroy Ending canon for Mass Effect 3, which has several interesting ramifications. Not only is the galaxy recovering from the Reaper invasion, which turned several homeworlds like Earth, Thessia, and Palaven into vicious battlegrounds, but the mass relay system has also been destroyed. It was a vital web that connected the entire Milky Way, and its removal cuts off sections of the galaxy from others.

Humans were an important target for the Reapers, and heavy losses could impact their standing in the galactic community when their influence was on the rise. In addition to important races facing devastating losses and potentially altering the cultural landscape of the Milky Way, the Geth were most likely destroyed. According to where or when Mass Effect 4 is fixed, these could all have an influence on the story.

Possible settings for Mass Effect 4

The inclusion of the Milky Way and Andromeda in the promotional material of Mass Effect 4, as well as some potential angara silhouettes alongside Milky Way figures, seem to indicate the prominent inclusion of the two galaxies. This could present some interesting narrative directions, but most likely means a significant time jump has taken place between Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 4 to enable the 600-year journey of the Andromeda Initiative. Either members of the Milky Way traveled to Andromeda to escape the battered galaxy, or Andromeda species made the journey to the Milky Way, but a glimpse of the N7 armor in the trailer seems to suggest this. latest.

The time jump would feature a vastly different Milky Way than the original trilogy, with species like the Kett potentially arriving to cause trouble in the meantime. The mysterious Jardaan could also serve as allies or antagonists, but so far details on who will feature in Mass Effect 4 are rare. After the deviation that the plot has taken Mass Effect: Andromeda, some fans are probably looking forward to their return to the Milky Way. However, if a time jump is incorporated to connect the two galaxies, it could spell trouble for some members of Shepard’s team.

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Why Returning Characters May Not Be In Mass Effect 4

While players are unlikely to see fan-favorite Commander Shepard make a return, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some familiar faces. After Mass Effect: AndromedaAttempts to start a new direction for the series have not been successful, BioWare is probably hesitant to exclusively introduce new characters in another installment. It may want to feature at least a few returning characters, story permitting, and that’s backed up by Liara’s prominence in Mass Effect 4trailer of. This not only indicates satisfying ties between the games, but also adds layers of nostalgia for fans that could contribute to the game’s success.

Liara’s inclusion does not mean players will see the rest of Shepard’s crew. The asari scientist is still young during the events of the original trilogy, and given the average lifespan of her species, she could live over a thousand years. This barely shortens the schedule of Mass Effect 4, but that potentially rules out the return of teammates. Liara and Grunt are the only likely candidates among the Milky Way companions to make an appearance, because even though krogans live as long as asari, Wrex was already old in the Mass Effect Games.

Mass Effect’Humans may have a slightly longer lifespan than real life (around 150 years), but given the inclusion of Andromeda, it’s possible the game will take place after the deaths of teammates like Kaiden, Ashley, and Jacob . Turians can live a bit longer (around 200 years), but Garrus will run into the same problem, and the salarians have definitely drawn the short straw with an average lifespan of around 40 years.

An aspect that made the original trilogy, and to some extent Mass Effect: Andromeda, great were their companion characters. The ragtag group of misfits Shepard and Ryder recruit to help them on their missions to save the galaxy have given the games heart, humor, and the majority of their memorable moments. The likelihood of the next game not having many returning NPCs puts a lot of pressure on Mass Effect 4 to deliver its own compelling cast of characters. While that might be disappointing for fans, it does give the upcoming title a chance to explore new races and more diverse characters as well.

Mass Effect 4 is in development.

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