Will Star Wars and Damon Lindelof be a good or bad band?

Do you feel a movement in the force? This feeling may come from new rumors about a development in the star wars universe. According to Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider, Damon Lindelof may be working on a star wars film for Lucasfilm. Now, Sneider is quick to clarify that this is all speculation at this point, as no representative has yet confirmed or denied the rumor. But in his newsletter the pinnerSneider makes a compelling case for considering Lindelof as a potential writer, linking to a 2020 Fandom interview in which the writer confesses that he would like to try a Disney tent pole. As those who follow Lindelof on Instagram may already know: he is quite the star wars fan already.

Whether this news is seen as a great disruption or as new hope for star wars fans is a matter of debate. No one doubts Lindelof’s commitment to science fiction, but the response to his work has been decidedly mixed. Along with co-showrunner Carlton Cuse, Lindelof made Lost a real cultural phenomenon. But the finale of this show continues to divide viewers. Lindelof’s Hollywood script work is even more eventful, as he contributed to controversial film scripts Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darknessand The hunt.

As uneven as that track record may be, Lindelof also helmed two of the most universally beloved television series in recent history. He co-created Leftovers for HBO with author Tom Perrotta, who wrote the book the series is adapting. The acclaimed series featured Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon and Christopher Eccleston living in the aftermath of a mysterious event that wiped out 2% of the world’s population, while in 2019 Lindelof debuted watchmen, a remix/sequel to the classic comic by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons that updated the themes of the source material to combat American systemic racism and police brutality. Led by Regina King and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, watchmen wowed audiences and critics alike and won eleven Emmy Awards.

As these shows indicate, Lindelof might just be the perfect choice for a new star wars Entrance. A fan of the mystical parts of science fiction, the writer will feel at home writing stories about space monks and the mystical forces controlling the universe. However, his willingness to reimagine certain canonical elements, as he did with watchmenmay worry some star wars fans, many of whom appreciate the more traditional approach taken by The Mandalorian and The bad batch.

James C. Tibbs