Winter House Fans Can’t Understand Why Ciara Still Wants To Be With Austen, Who Is Dating Southern Charm’s Olivia

Well done broadcast winter house Season 2 Episode 5 on Thursday, November 10.

Austen Kroll, a cast member of many Bravo shows, revealed that he missed his girlfriend Olivia Flowers, who was in Charlestown, and wanted to invite him to Vermont. Ciara, Austen’s former lover, was shocked to learn of this and told the other ladies of the house that Austen wouldn’t be happy if Ciara invited someone else into the house.

She and Lindsay were seen fighting several times in the summer house as Austen flirted with both of them. Austen confessed that he had slept with Ciara but now wanted to be with Olivia. Paige and Ciara felt the situation would be weird.

Ciara felt that Austen always flirted a lot with her and other girls. She thought Olivia would break up with him after seeing his behavior around the house. She had planned to leave if Olivia arrived. Ciara reminded Austen to make her look like an “idiot” in the summer house and didn’t want to share a house with her love.

Austen decided not to bring Olivia to make things awkward, but said that Ciara bringing another man home wouldn’t bother her. winter house fans couldn’t understand why Ciara felt she had the right to decide Austen’s life, even though they had only been dating for a few weeks.

A fan wondered what spell Austen put Ciara under and said:


What southern spell did Austen place Ciara under? it’s been a million years and she’s still emotionally attached – WHAT’S THE SPELL? ! #WinterHouse

winter house fans don’t believe Austen really likes Olivia or Ciara

Austen and Ciara slept together after season 6 of summer house was shot. After which, Ciara Miller said she would never do it again. At the time, Austen was also flirting with Lindsay, and Ciara decided not to engage in “winter romance” anymore. Austen then decided to sue Olivia Flowers.

winter house fans felt that Austen did not want to form an emotional connection with anyone, but was more interested in physical relationships with women of both houses. They also slammed Ciara for trying to stop Austen from inviting Olivia when it wasn’t her decision.

What did Austen do or say that made Ciara think there was something going on between them on this trip? Besides nothing, I mean #WinterHouse

Austen can’t focus on a woman for more than 2 days. He only wants Olivia there so he has someone to sleep with. He is like a wild animal, obsessed with marking his territory. yuck. #winter house

Fans don't believe Olivia really misses Austen (Image via AsthmaPumpPuffa/Twitter)
Fans don’t believe Olivia really misses Austen (Image via AsthmaPumpPuffa/Twitter)

Ciara is just angry that Austen is moving on and still not caring about her, when he’s still her only storyline. She even went to Charleston to hang out with him and be on the show (She didn’t make it. Get on the show. Get out, she did) #WinterHouse

But Austen never lied to Ciara. He told her over and over again that he didn’t care about her. Ciara isn’t bringing anyone because she has no one. But she wanted to start something with Kory so badly, but she lost interest…or he did. #WinterHouse

Fans want Ciara to move on (Image via Realitytvguru13/Twitter)
Fans want Ciara to move on (Image via Realitytvguru13/Twitter)

Don’t believe anything Ciara says about disrespecting Austen and being above him. She will reconnect with him. #WinterHouse

Ciara is so boring. I don’t care about Austen. He can’t bring a girl he cares about home?! Because Ciara is uncomfortable. They never went out together. Hooked. He has already disrespected her!! Austen should be able to invite a girl over #WinterHouse. Ciara, you need to move on.

What happened on winter house Season 2 episode 5?

This week on winter house, Schwartz did not reveal that he was going to divorce to protect his wife Kate. Paige was seen talking to Craig about being indifferent to other people’s feelings. Jessica told Rachel that she and Kory had been physically intimate.

The episode description reads as follows:

“To celebrate the Toms last night, the housemates throw a euphoric party that turns up the heat; Austen misses his girlfriend in Charleston, SC, but her history with Ciara keeps him from bringing her to Stowe.”

Craig-Paige reconciled and was also seen on a double date with Kyle-Amanda, who later celebrated their grandmother’s 99th birthday.

Jessica felt that the girls ignored her and often didn’t talk to her. She confided in Rachel, who asked the girls why they were mean to Jessica. Later, Paige confronted Jessica about calling her “mean”. Jessica held on. Paige threatened Jessica before storming off.

winter house airs on Bravo every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

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