Yonkers Hispanic community celebrates their culture amid hurricane impacts

Members of the Hispanic community gathered to honor their heritage in Yonkers on Thursday after two hurricanes hit the Caribbean.

Through music, dance and food, residents showed what makes Yonkers so diverse yet unified.

Carol Chacon is of Ecuadorian origin and is the founder of Walking Through Art, an organization that supports international artists and unites different cultures through art. She is one of many people who participated in the city’s annual celebration of Hispanic heritage.

Chacon describes the event as “fusion and respect for each individual”.

The celebration came a day after the Yonkers City Council voted unanimously to recognize the month.

“While this is done at the federal level, it’s important for local municipalities to let people know that they too are embracing different cultures,” says Yonkers City Council member Corazon Pineda-Isaac.

Yonkers is deeply connected to ongoing efforts to rebuild places devastated by Hurricanes Fiona and Ian.

It has the largest Puerto Rican population in Westchester – over 40% of its residents are Hispanic. The population increased by 8% from 2010 to 2020, according to the latest census.

“It’s not just about continued celebration, it’s about continued support for each other,” Pineda-Isaac says.

The Yonkers Hispanic Cultural Foundation is working with the city to collect donations for hurricane-affected areas.

James C. Tibbs